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Mar 29, 2011 04:41 PM

hosting cookout high school wrestling team- what to serve?

We are hosting the high school wrestling team for a cookout in April. We live in NH, so the weather will still be cool.

I'm searching for affordable recipes to feed this crowd.

Any ideas?

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  1. Ooh, recalling my 15 years in MA, as for April, I'd plan foods that could also be cooked indoors, wind, rain and all that jazz.

    How about make your own pizza? Can easily be done on an outdoor grill that has a lid, is very cool, carb loaded (assuming this is post Match so weight class is not an issue) and pretty affordable.

    1. How about cooking a few pork shoulder roasts? You could have it all done ahead and keep it warm in crockpots. Could be carnitas served on tortillas if you flavor in that direction or on its own with bread and sides. Very economical meal.

      As for grilling, I'd see what I could get at the best price and do that. Most kids love burgers, chicken, brats. Just find your best deal and go that way.

      Just thought of chili and bread and cornbread. Put out butter and honey for breads, maybe crudite platters and dips. By the time you add desserts, it really should be plenty, simple though it may be.

      1. depends.

        are they in-season or out?

        if in season, water and grilled chicken breasts should be sufficient.

        if out of season, or post weigh ins, id suggest lots of fruit, pizza, or some other carby goodness that they dont get to have while cutting massive amounts of weight in-season

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          Agree with mattstolz. My boys wrestle and play hockey. If post weigh in, go for complex carbs - pastas, pasta salads, pancakes, etc. and keep simple carbs and sugars to a minimum unless right before the event and post event.

        2. In such situations I swear by barbecued beef on buns. Cook any cut of beef with tomato sauce, vinegar, brown sugar, cinnamon and clove (do not omit these!), garlic, onion---until the beef falls apart (use the slow cooker) then tear it up with two forks and correct seasoning. By some form of magic this extends the beef. You could also used pork---the result would be "pulled pork".