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Mar 29, 2011 04:22 PM

Lisbon - dinner near Holiday Inn (Avenida Antonio Jose De Almeida)

Does anybody know of a good restaurant for dinner near this hotel. We are only in town for one night, travelling with the family (two teenagers). It doesn`t have to be very fancy, but the food needs to be awesome! Portuguese of course.... thanks so much

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  1. @ Torontobelly

    I live in Lisbon and would be happy to help.

    While the area in which you are staying is a nice residential area of Lisbon that not many tourists stay or visit, I have to say that there are dearth of good restaurants in the area. That being said, cabs are cheap and the metro is not far, so you can get to any area of the city cheaply and swiftly.

    If you let me know what sort of things you would like to eat/try, I would be happy to make some suggestions. Seafood, Shellfish, Meat, Poultry, Game?

    Boa Viagem!

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    1. re: vinhotinto75

      Fish and beef are family favorites, although my daughter doesn't like fish, seafood or meat so she'll probably drink soup and eat bread :(

      We love the Portuguese cod dishes. Wouldn't mind a nice bowl of caldo verde to start the meal. We don't like game.

      No problem for us to take a cab. We've been to Lisbon once before and stayed near the Monastery of Jeronimos and never got a chance to go downtown.

      Thanks so much!

      1. re: torontobelly

        @ torontobelly

        Some places worth checking out for Bacalhau, Fish, and Meat that are a cab ride away that would be ideal for a family:

        Restaurante O Caracol (Rua da Barroca - Bairro Alto) Classic Regional Portuguese cuisine with a fine wine list
        Restaurante Sinal Vermelho (Rua das Gáveas - Bairro Alto) Excellent Regional Portuguese cuisine with variety of fish, meat, poultry, and game. Good wine list.
        Restaurante Príncipe do Calhariz (Santa Catarina/Bairro Alto) Excellent grilled foods. Lively and busy atmosphere.
        O Pitéu (Graça) Large portions with regional Portuguese cuisine; few tourists and affordable
        Churrasco da Graça (Graça - Cash only) Same as Pitéu and very affordable
        Taberna Ideal (Alcântara) Sort of retro Portuguese home-style
        Trempe (Campo de Ourique) Specializes in food from the Alentejo region. Fanastic grilled foods. Moderately Priced.
        João do Grão (Baixa) Among the tourist traps in the Baixa, this place is one of the better places for Bacalhau in Lisboa having been in business for over a century. Moderately priced.

        Please let me know if you have any questions or need more recommendations. While Bacalhau and Caldo Verde are available, they are more commonplace in the diaspora than they are in Lisbon restaurants. In fact, there was a recent article in a local newspaper here in Lisboa on how the younger generation hardly eat or like bacalhau.

        Boa Viagem!

        1. re: vinhotinto75

          Hi vinhotino! I must go to Pasteis de Belem. I see they are open until midnight. Is there anywhere walking distance from there that we can go for dinner? Something casual. Thanks!

          1. re: torontobelly

            @ torontobelly

            Most of the places near Pasteis de Belém on the Rua de Belém are not much to write home about. My favorite place in the vicinity is called Sagitário, but I only go there for lunch and am not sure they are open for dinner. My suggestion would be to have one of the fantastic sandwiches or other delicacies that the Pasteis de Belém makes with their fresh ingredients and then have the Pasteis de Nata (Belém).

            Otherwise, maybe you could go there during the day as a visit to the nearby monuments, monastery, and Centro Cultural offer tons to do and a reason to have a hard earned snack!

            Just a thought!


              1. re: torontobelly

                I don't suppose anybody knows of a good breakfast place within walking distance of this hotel? I'd like to avoid the Holiday Inn buffet at all costs! We'd like something substantial as we will be heading for the airport in the late morning. Thanks!

                1. re: torontobelly

                  @ Torontobelly

                  We don't really do breakfast here, so my suggestion would be to find a pastelaria in the area where you can have all types of breads, sweets, fruits, pastries, cheese, coffee, tea, etc.

                  That will be your best bet!


          2. re: vinhotinto75

            We went to Principe do Calhariz and loved the atmosphere and how "local" it was. Great value too! Thanks for the recommendation. We will be back in Lisbon next week and will try O Caracol.