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Mar 29, 2011 03:35 PM

Solo dining: lively places in Porto and Lisbon?

I'm looking for some fun places to dine alone when I head to Portugal in a week. I'll be in Porto (Rua Santa Catarina) for 3 days and Lisbon (Avenue Liberdade) for 4 days. I already have Pedro Lemas on my list, and even navigated the Portuguese website to make a reservation.

I'm looking for great food, great views, friendly staff, good people watching and safe neighborhoods. Meeting other travelers or singles would be a bonus, as well as anywhere with live music.

Any advice is much appreciated.

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  1. Bombdarby

    If you search the archives, I've provided tons, if not over a hundred different recommendations for Lisbon where I live.

    After searching the archives and have more questions, feel free to let me know.


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    1. re: vinhotinto75

      Thanks @vinhotinto75. I've poured through the posts and come up with this list. Porto is still lacking a bit. But this is a good start. Thanks for all your great info!

      Porto - lunch
      - Larica - Rua Conde de Vizela 14/16, Porto, Portugal  222 084 476

      Porto - dinner
      - Pedro Lemas

      Lisbon – lunch
      - O Ponto Final - This is about a 15 minute walk from the boat terminal in Caçilhas and it has excellent seafood with incredible views. Service is very friendly as well. One can see Belém, Lisboa, and the 25 de Abril Bridge on a clear day. If you have a sunny or nice day, I highly recommend going here.

      Lisbon - dinner
      - Bonjardim - Travessa de S. Antao 11
      - Quinta dos Frades - Rua Luis de Freitas Branco 5 D
      - Kaetano's - Rua Cardal de São José, nº 9
      - Largo - Rua Serpa Pinto, nº10A 1200-445 Chiado

      Lisbon – Fado
      - Tasca do Chico - Bairro Alto - an informal bar to hear fado
      - Tasca do Jaime - Graça - Simple, homestyle cuisine and genuine Fado for non-tourists
      - Grupo Excursionista ‘Vai Tu’ - Bica - Informal Place to hear fado as well - Not touristy and more of a club/association

      Lisbon – coffee
      - Avenida da Liberdade  - Confeitaria Marquês de - Pombal

      Albufeira - lunch
      - Rui's
      - Vila Joya