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Mar 29, 2011 03:26 PM

What's for Dinner? Part 81 (OLD)

Mariacarmen’s flower made us quite lively, and we’re onto another chapter in our kitchen adventures. We’re all either cleaning out the freezer for those last stews and braises, or being tempted by the emergence of a season’s new offerings. To paraphrase Harter’s, our communal table is always full of beautiful meals, and even better company. So, what’s for dinner?

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  1. I've always thought that there was some sort of an unspoken rule that the thread-starter has to post their dinner. I warn you, it is lackluster.

    The boyfriend has requested tuna melts again, seemingly enchanted by the magic I worked with this sandwich a week or two ago. Seeded rye bread (spread with mayo instead of butter for the frying), a simple tuna salad, extra sharp cheddar, and a judicious smear of brown mustard, served with tater tots (with spicy mayo). We will have a salad first (she said defensively). Eh, on to more ambitious things tomorrow.

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    1. re: onceadaylily

      i adore tuna melts. Yours sounds delicious! And seriously? Screw the salad.

      1. re: rabaja

        I was just craving a tuna melt on Saturday, while I was violating two of my grocery shopping rules....1) Don't shop on Saturday and 2) Don't shop when you're hungry
        So...I came home and made some...lightened up version:
        can of water packed tuna...mixed with a few sliced green pimento stuffed olives, and some pickle relish, and fat free mayo...just a tiny bit, to moisten. Spread on whole grain light english muffin halves, topped with grated cheddar ( again, small amount, about an ounce) and microwaved 45 seconds till cheese melts. They were excellent for a light lunch.

        1. re: sunflwrsdh

          Ha Ha - I have to give you some joking Sunfl - If I wasn't hungry I certainly wouldn't be at the grocery store - That's probably only funny to me. I agree on the shopping on Saturday, unless it's when they open the doors. That's when I'm usually there.

          Tuna melt sound great - I'm having for dinner, leftovers. . . . Which I seriously wish someone else would come in and relish.

        2. re: rabaja

          me too, Rabaja! especially on rye. yum...

        3. re: onceadaylily

          We had spaghetti carbonara -- and we made fresh spaghetti for it. I used the Cook's Illustrated Best New Recipes version but added some frozen peas at the end, and served it with a light salad. Everyone was happy, and we have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

          1. re: vanillagrrl

            I have only recently tried carbonara...don't know why, but never had it before, and I loved it! Sounds like it would be even better with peas, which I also love.

          2. re: onceadaylily

            We love tuna melts, they're a frequent quick meal around here. We both love them with American cheese or sharp cheddar nothing else, just the tuna salad and cheese melting together on crusty whole wheat bread. Forgot to mention that sometimes we both stuff pickled jalapenos inside the sandwich for crunch and a bit of piquant spiciness.

            1. re: onceadaylily

              This is so funny. Hadn't had a tuna melt in months and just fixed one Monday night! Mine is fashioned after a long gone and missed restaurant in Madison, WI. I add chopped carrots, raisins, sunflower seeds, celery seed, dried mustard, fresh ground pepper to canned tuna and just enough mayo to make it moist. I saute some mushrooms, put them on a piece of bread or english muffin, you can add a slice of fresh tomato (best in season) topped with some good, aged, preferably WI cheddar and then broil until the cheese is bubbly. Love the idea of serving with tater tots!

            2. We have been freezer dumping too. Had freezer chile verde for lunch and have been making bread pudding from bread hunks I stashed in the freeze.

              Tonight we are having what I like (but everyone else hates) to call Geese Poop on the Snows of Wisconsin. I usually make it during football season because it is manfood, but tonight we are having guys over to the house - one of which adores Geese Poop. Sooo... It is a casserole with vinegared mashed potatoes, kielbasa, onion, swiss chard all covered with cheddar. The name fits it perfectly. It is really good, but vile to look at. 6 men, one woman, 3 big casseroles. I swear there won't be ANY left.

              Kielbasa and chard from the freeze! Woopy!

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              1. re: Sal Vanilla

                That sounds like something we'd like, Sal. Are you using white vinegar in the potatoes, or red? (And it *is* really good to have you back as well. You'd ducked away for a little while.)

                Today, the boyfriend insisted on buying popsicles. When I protested, he said, "MAKE it work." I said goodbye to two out of four of the ice cube trays.

                1. re: onceadaylily

                  Thanks! I use white. The recipe sez apple cider vinegar, but I ran out so I used white and it tasted just as good.

                2. re: Sal Vanilla

                  That actually sounds tasty, except for the name of course!! Do you layer it or just mix it all together with the potatoes? I adore football food, I love to watch it to, Go Packers!

                  1. re: Phurstluv

                    I layer it. Mashed potatoes as the snow on bottom and then I mix kielbasa, onions (fried) and then add chopped greens (usually chard) tot he pan and cook it and layer all that on the potatoes then pile it down with cheddar and bake it off. I usually add vinegar to each layer (like butter and vinegar to potatoes and also vinegar to the saute of the poop part. Only the cheese is vinegarless. It is SO UGLY, but it is the sort of thing everyone eats til it is gone. I made three pans and there was NONE left. O I N K !!!!

                  2. re: Sal Vanilla

                    that sounds soooooooooooooooo good......

                  3. A leftover kosher chicken breast and some additionally bought organic pork loin will be sliced and go into a stir-fry with a chopped Scotch bonnet (yowzah!), onion, garlic, green beans, and a red bell pepper. Maybe I'll make some Chinese noodles with it. Oh, the excitement '-)

                    1. Chicken with maybe fewer than 40 cloves, but maybe not by much, plus rice and broccoli. Nothing fancy, just something good.

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                      1. re: roxlet

                        A "nothing fancy, something good" dinner is always a good thing. :-)

                      2. Santa Fe chicken, or at least that's what the recipe says. The only thing resembling Santa Fe is the can of Hatch chiles I pitched in. I'm pretty sure they'd use some flash frozen hatch chiles in good old Sante Fe. Didn't get around to doing those last year.
                        Anyway, it's in the oven, so it's a done deal. There's black beans, home-canned tomatoes, frozen corn and cumin and cayenne keeping the chicken thighs and chiles company.
                        With bulgur and some mixed greens (arugula, frisee, watercress and radicchio courtesy of a work gig) it will be dinner.
                        I really hope it's good because I think I have about 8 cups of the stuff.