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Mar 29, 2011 01:49 PM

Good place for a long boozy lunch at the weekend?

I am fairly new to the city and I have Saturday off for the first time in months and I am looking for a good place (Downtown) to go for lunch with my friend where we can have some reasonably priced beer or wine and a tasty meal. Would prefer somewhere they do not try and rush you and where we could stay for a couple of hours.
I'm not looking for somewhere too expensive but I would like to treat us to something decent, although I know you can get plenty of decent food in the city (the cheaper the better).

I am a vegetarian, my friend is not but she is happy to eat vege or meat.

Has anyone got any good suggestions?

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  1. Negroni on College is perfect for a long, unhurried lunch. Great panini (include a couple of veg version), very small but very well priced wine list and a few beer options.

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      My husband and I had a little time to ourselves on a Sunday afternoon, after braving the madhouse that is Mountain Equipment Co-op on a weekend. We stopped in at Negroni and lingered over a couple of glasses of wine, some chicken liver pate and crostini and a caprese salad. It was so nice to just enjoy our wine and snacks. It was mid-afternoon, so only a few stray diners remained after late lunches. The servers were friendly, but let us sit and chat, with no pressure whatsoever. I think it's right up the OP's alley. There's plenty of choice for a vegetarian, though probably not for a vegan. The soup that day was tomato-based vegetable, there's risotto and pasta, in addition to the salads and panini. I recommend Negroni to anyone looking for a great sandwich and reasonably priced wine, but a quick glance at my neighbour's pasta inspired me to return for dinner sometime as well.

    2. Le Select would be good. You could spend all day there.

      Le Select
      432 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V1E3, CA

      1. I quite enjoy Marben, Beer Bistro and Frank at the AGO

        Beer Bistro
        18 King St. E, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, CA

        488 Wellington Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1E5, CA

        1. I've had a couple of lunches at Bodega that have lasted until dinner. Decent beer and wine selection. Not much veg, but I note some dishes could be easily modified to expand the selection. Not the most chowish choice, but I don't mind when I feel that relaxed.

          30 Baldwin Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1L3, CA