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Mar 29, 2011 01:42 PM

So. I am in Panama City today and tommorrow, I have to be able to do better than this

Tripadvisor led me to a fabulous hotel with amazing rates, but the review of the resturant ... not so much.

Unlike the tripadvisor poster who raved that they walked across the street from their hotel to eat here daily, I would not cross the lobby to eat at my hotel restaurant again.

I am relying on the kindness of Chowhounds as I made up my mind to go one day before leaving from Gautemala by bus. I did NO research and the most searching I will do is check back today and tommorrow to see if anyone has restaurant suggestions.

I am relying on tourists guides here, so if there are no suggestions I will probably go to one of the following

El Traipiche (Panamanian cooking in the style of the Central Provinces)
The Wine Bar (222 wines by the glass)
La Papa (International with Columbina dishes such as frijolada paisa)
Las Tinejas (probably not as this has some sort of folklorio thingy attached ... never a good sign)
El Patio (Mexican, but they have suckling pig and a big selection of tequillas from Jalisco)

I am not overly confident as this tourist guide lists a bunch of chain restaurants I am familiar with such as sushi Ito.

Any Panamanian food to look for: I had some sort of great corn type of empanada at the bus station restaurant 3 hours from Panama City. There is some sort of donut thing with meat that starts with h that I will pick up there if I do not see a better vesions walking around. Anything else

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  1. Ok. I tried El Traipiche tonight. Still need to eat tommorrow and breakfast the next day.

    BTW, El Traipiche was great. Fabulous hojaldras. The creamy pina coladas at $4 made with fresh, ripe pineapple, fresh coconuts and loads of booze were great too. Will write more with photos when I get home.

    I think the good corn thingy I had at the bus station waas a bollo de maiz and the thing I didn´t mention because I didn´t like it was a almojabano (corn stick). It was just masa shaped like a hot dog. These were on El traipiche´s menu and the description sounded like what I had yesterday.

    Now ... where to eat tommorrow? Ideas?

    1. Lucky you. So much to see in PC. The one place that stood out in my mind as truly unique and delicious was the Marisco Mercado. Pick out your fish/seafood downstairs and have them prepare it upstairs. Go for the simpler preparations. We liked the lobster in garlic butter best of everything we tried.

      * Avenida Balboa and Calle 15 Este, Panama City, Panama
      * 212-0071

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      1. re: free sample addict aka Tracy L

        The market was cool. Thanks. I had the spider crab because I never heard of it Very good. It looked like calamari but tasted like fried clams.

        My cab driver said he liked a joint called 7 Seas better (translate to Spanish for the real name). However, I was happy with the market.

        That was lunch. For dinner I went to Las Tinejas. It actually was good. Best banana cake I´ve ever had. Well, on the road again ... will write more when I get back.