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Mar 29, 2011 01:20 PM

OC hound seeks Boll Weevil-ish lunch spot in North Mission Bay area

Sorry if this is too basic but I haven't been down your way in far too long. I'm meeting some out-of-state relatives I don't really know very well in the North Mission Bay area this coming Saturday for lunch and would like to take them somewhere decent but moderately priced. If I recall, the Boll Weevils are long gone ..... but that's the kindof place I was thinking of.

What's good in that vein? OB at the beach might be OK too. Hodad's maybe? What's the place right of the beach in OB (two stories IIRC)?


Hodads Restaurant
5010 Newport Ave, San Diego, CA 92107

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  1. I'm not up to date on OB, but there's a new Five Guys in Pacific Beach at 1020 Garnet (at Cass) -- three blocks inland from the beach/Crystal Pier. Not as cool as Hodad's but it might do the trick.

    Hodads Restaurant
    5010 Newport Ave, San Diego, CA 92107

    1. Short drive to Rocky's from there...that's a good burger.

      1. Thanks for these suggestions. I may not be remembering well but I thought Boll Weevil had a bit broader menu than what seem to be burger-only places. And maybe a salad or two? I'm just trying to be sure all concerned have some meal choices if I can.

        I picked up some reviews for Cafe Mono, in Mission Beach. It looks like it might be good, though completely different fare. Isn't there a local version of a Cheesecake Factory kind of menu ion that area?

        Cheesecake Factory
        2015 Birch Rd Ste 705, Chula Vista, CA 91915

        Cafe Mono
        3833 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA 92109

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          Ah want MORE than burgers. Then you don't want Hodad's. The two-story place in OB you're thinking about is probably Nick's at the Pier. (There's also a related Nick's at the Beach in PB right off Mission Blvd.)

          One of my favorite places to take the family is the Barefoot Bar and Grill in the Paradise Point Resort. The restaurant is RIGHT ON Mission Bay, there are all kinds of food choices to make anyone happy, parking is free and plentiful, and the prices are pretty reasonable.

        2. There are six Boll Weevils (and Weevil Burger in the old La Mesa location) which have the requsite pool tables, tray of condiments and general menu as well as a few add-ons(BBQ on the menu at the Clairmont Mesa location).

          1. You asked about the 2-story building in OB right on the beach. If you haven't been to OB in a while you're probably thinking of Qwiggs. It went out of business at least 5 years ago. Nick's at the Beach is in it's place. Still has a stunning view, but the 1 time I ate there the food was pretty horrid and didn't give me a reason to go back (it is, of course, more than possible the food has improved substantially in the last 5 years too). Underneath Nick's is Shades where the view is more street level and the food is a whole heck of a lot better. More than burgers, you could probably find salads, chicken sandwich, etc.

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              I'd go with High Dive in Bay Park for a BW experience with better food.