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Mar 29, 2011 12:56 PM

Cinc Sentits for lunch, 41 degrees for dinner?

Hi, I have a possibility to reserve Cinc Sentits and 41o on the same day. Do you think it's too much?
I did not find any reviews of Cinc Sentits lunch menu and I have not found a lot about 41o either.
If it's too much for one day, which one should I choose, provided I will not be able to taste the other one in the next say ten years?

Thanks fir your advice,

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  1. Not that I've been, but 41 degrees only has bar snacks, so I can't imagine you'd want to go there with a huge appetite.

    1. I have been to 41. It's expensive, but definitely worth it. Still, they only offer small snacks to go with their fantastic cocktails. I understand about the reservations, though. And I have not been to Cinc yet. For me, I would have one cocktail at 41 before dinner. While there, try as many snacks a you can afford (we had the parmesean ice cream sandwiches, razor clams, oysters and lime marshmallows - all fab!) But then head to a more affordable place for a full meal. Or, keep bar hopping. In that neighborhood, there is Quimet y Quimet (more tapas, but cheaper), Lolitas (may have to wait a little), Ca L'Isidre, and Tapioles 53 (need reservations, easy to get, like eating in her home). I am baised to Poble Sec, though. I love other areas in Barcelona, but Poble Sec is just so different with few tourists. It's very down to earth with a mixed crowd. And there are so many bars and restaurants in this small, older barrio. I hope you hear from someone who has eaten at C.S. But, I feel like 41 was one of the best and most unique food experiences in my life. I tell everyone here to go there at least once - especially since El Buli has closed. Enjoy!

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        According to their website, Tapioles 53 is closed for now.....

      2. My boyfriend and I just got back from Barcelona last week after a 5 day trip, and we made a reservation for 41 degrees for our first evening there-we have not been to Cinc. I will agree with the other posters that it's not a place where you will really fill up unless you plan on spending a lot of money, but it's worth it.
        The gin & tonic my bf had was absolutely gorgeous, I had cava, and we had the puffed rice and curry, honey & biscuit peanuts (tasted like a honey and peanut butter sandwich), minimozzarellas (comes on a spoon), parmesan ice cream, and profiteroles. We were still hungry later so we went out again by our apartment, but there was nothing better than spending our first "meal" at such an intimate, cozy place. It was really a lot of fun, I highly recommend it.
        The website for Tickets/41 degrees is here:

        1. Thank you all for your answers. In the end we went to both - it was an ideal combination. Great sophisticated and more traditional lunch (albeit traditional only with regards to 41d) and the fun atmosphere and finger food with the great drinks later.

          At 41 degrees, I had the Pomada, which was Gin and Lemonade and was absolutely heavenly. DH had sangria, which was also very good but paled against my drink. We ate almost everything on the menu and enjoyed most of it. We spent there about 2 hours chatting to the waiter and asking loads of questions and had loads of fun. I enjoyed the octopus very much, which was puff rice things made to look like octopus tentacles.