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Mar 29, 2011 12:09 PM

lunch near lansdowne,va

best lunch near Lansdowne / Sterling/ Dulles Town Ctr, Va?

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  1. Can you give more criteria?

    Quick hits are Windy City Redhots, Sweetwater, Thai By Thai, (I still need to check out the empanada places), the pollo place on the far side of the Sterling Safeway (next building outpost from the Goodwill, near the Mexican bakery). The Lebanese place near the clock tower is supposed to be good as well, though I've not been there yet, either.

    Heck, and one good one is the kabob place at Dulles Town Ctr. Great sides there, too.

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    1. re: Dennis S

      nice place for couple of 90 yr olds who like good food, good service

      1. re: nolansanchez

        Check first to see if they are open for lunch, but if so, Hooked in Sterling is a good bet. It is a modern seafood place which makes my 70-something parents pretty happy--but ask for a quiet table.

        Otherwise, I'd go for Tuscora Mill in Leesburg. It's really not that far from Lansdowne.

        Neither of these places are cheap. But if you are 90, life is definitely too short to waste on bad food.

        1. re: PollyG

          And I would add Lightfoot in Leesburg as well. And agree with Polly's last statement.

    2. The Wine Kitchen in Leesburg. Always have a lunch special, way less busy at lunch. Always friendly and attentive service. Affordable for the quality as well.

      Taste of Burma in Sterling. Really solid Burmese. Also not too expensive, family owned and run.