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Mar 29, 2011 12:07 PM

In-N-Out Burger sucks (moved from L.A. board)

Seriously, been out here 4 years now. Is this whole thing just some big elaborate joke on me? People not only act like these burgers are edible, but that they are actually any more special than EVERY OTHER FAST FOOD BURGER IN THE WORLD. These burgers are virtually flavorless (and no, folks, dumping grilled onions on a flavorless burger does not mean it's a good tasting burger). TINY patties, flavorless fries..and that's about all they offer. Seriously, Burger King makes a better tasting burger..but I wouldn't go there either.

SO what on Earth is the hype about? Is it some LA Pride thing? "It's uncool to hate IN-N-Out burger." Is it like being a Mets fan or something? They always suck, but they're still "amazing" to the fans?

I just don't get it. If I was a 22 year old kid looking for midnight munchies, I would go to one of the good tasting drive through windows in town, not In-N-Out. What am I missing. The stuff is utterly forgettable, and I've never once craved it, even at 4AM when I was out on the prowl for munchies.

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  1. you lost all credibility when you said BK tastes better.

    srsly, just compare the lettuce between InO to BK. InO lettuce looks like it came off a fresh head of lettuce that morning. BK lettuce looks like it came out of a bag that was packed from a factory 500 miles away.

    also: double double animal style = flavorless? LOL

    just IMO.

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    1. re: ns1

      +1. The OP's unfavorable comparison to BK, generally speaking, damns their entire thesis... As for the straw man issue about "it's uncool to hate In 'N Out", for many detractors the phrase should read " It's hip to hate on In 'N Out"... The value at In 'N Out cannot be beaten, assuming one likes their fare, of course. And if we're gonna sling around hyperbole, try this: at other fastfood chains, generally speaking, going to the restroom to wash one's hands actually results in one feeling dirtier than upon entry. At In N' Out, one feels like the crew there give a damn about cleanliness on either side of the doors... And lastly, I enjoy the food at In N' Out, in good measure, because the employees seem OK with their jobs; they're earning a less indecent wage than at fastfood places where the employees seem to be waiting for the sweet release of suicide. For me, food _tastes_ better when the folks who make it and serve it recognize that they're making me happy....

      1. re: silence9

        "damns their entire thesis"

        Does it, brah? Because your refusal to acknowledge that even a disgusting BK burger is better than an In-N-Out, NECESSARILY damns YOUR whole thesis, as far as I'm concerned. Starting to see how this whole subjective opinion thing works now? Good, why don't we check the hyperbole at the door then.

        I don't like BK, as I said. But that, along with McDonald's, Wendy's, and pretty much any other crap burger drive-through I can think of is at least a LITTLE better tasting than In-N-Out. This is because, again, INO has NO taste, so the competition wins by default.

        I love these arguments, "their ingredients are fresh," "the workers just *SEEM* happier to me." Uh...great, why doesn't it taste good? Newsflash folks, INO is not better for you. Fast food is all garbage. French fries and burgers are horrible for you, no matter how "fresh" the ingredients are before they're fried up on a greasy griddle, or drowned in the boiling oil vat. If you are going to make the decision to eat fast food, it's a firm decision to eat crap. Accept it, and all the smiling faces at the counter aren't going to change that verdict. Therefore, you might as well go the distance and eat crap that TASTES GOOD. That's all I'm saying. Eating bad tasting fast food just seems like...I don't know, the saddest thing in the world?

        Maybe it's just an East Coast / West Coast thing after all. In NY, we had Irish Pub burgers everywhere. That's like our burger shack equivalent, because they're so ubiquitous. But they're restaurant quality burgers. Thick juicy patties, over a 1/4 lb. of beef. Thick steak fries where you can actually taste the potato. Here in LA, the LA style shack burger (which is what INO is modeled after) is that paper thin patty, and then too much lettuce and nasty condiments. The flavor of a burger is defined by the flavor of....wait for it...the BURGER. NOT the condiments, folks. If your not tasting beef in your mouth...well you get the point. Every person I know from NY feels the way I do about INO. Most of my LA friends think INO is amazing. I think it finally coms down to what kind of burger you were exposed to growing up.

        1. re: addy rourke

          Yes. Foods we grew up with, we like.

          Foods do not "suck".

          A lot of people like certain foods and you don't. There is no need to tell anyone how much you hate food we grew up eating just because you don't like the things we enjoy. None of the food any of us ate is 'sucky'.

          1. re: Cathy

            Exactly, Cathy. Addy rourke, you've made posts looking for old school NY style chinese food in LA. I think it's inauthentic, overcooked, goopy mess on a plate. Who's right? We both are -- you like it because it's what you grew up with. I dislike it because it's not the authentic stuff we get here in LA.

            You can't compare the quality of a fast food burger with a burger from a pub or sit down restaurant. Fast food burgers are a whole other animal compared to restaurant burgers (pun unintended). It's like comparing steaks from Sizzler to steaks from Morton's. Fast food is intended to satisfy the masses, quickly and cheaply.

            With In and Out, one of the reasons it's popular is because they don't use frozen ingredients like most fast food places. You don't get shredded lettuce from a bag -- there is an employee inside separating lettuce leaves form the heads. There's another person cutting fresh french fries. The burgers aren't premade, sitting under a heat lamp. In and Out, to many people, is the best of the worst. It's not healthy, because it's still fast food, (and I don't think anyone claimed In and Out is healthy) but it's preservative free, with fresh ingredients.

          2. re: addy rourke

            No one's called me brah for way too long. Thank you :-)

            1. re: addy rourke

              ah your from NY, well that explains it.

              1. re: addy rourke

                Maybe he like the burgers at Zippy's?

                1. re: addy rourke

                  You are entitled to your opinion of course, Addy, but you have revealed enough about your taste buds here to let me know I will never ask you for a suggestion about where to eat.

              2. re: ns1

                Doesn't matter what it looks like if it doesn't have any flavor, and InI doesn't, to me. The fact that it costs 5x is just icing on the cake.

                1. re: ns1

                  Short and sweet, what is no to like? Real beef, lettus, tomato and at roghlt the same price point as that fake bk crap your trying to promote. I think the op mebt " what is the cheapest and closet burger like joint to me"

                  1. re: whoeverdroid

                    Every fast food hamburger joint serves "real beef", lettuce, tomatoes, etc. All are fine in a pinch if you're hungry and there's nothing else around. IMHO McD's, Carl's, Jack in the Box, In 'n Out, etc. all serve food that is edible and ok if you're hungry, but are pretty much equally crappy.

                2. different strokes for different folks, i guess.

                  Why so negative?

                  1. What do you consider a "good tasting drive through window"?

                    In and Out is popular because everything is fresh -- they do not use frozen ingredients. They do not use heat lamps. It's a family owned company based in So. CA, so of course there is a little local pride in the company. But more importantly, the food is good. Not sure how you can say the burgers are flavorless, unless you asked for it with no spread, no onions, no tomato, etc.

                    A double-Double, animal style, no tomato and an order of Animal Fries is my splurge there. And I try to save room for a vanilla shake, ade from real ice cream. Too bad it's one of those spurges I only allow myself a couple times a year, but I do get a protein style cheeseburger occassionally.

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                    1. re: boogiebaby

                      mmmm, for me it's all about the 2 x 4, medium rare, animal style, extra toasted bun.

                    2. In n Out is great, to compare it to buger king is ludicrous. BK is one of the worst tasting burgers around.

                      1. For me it's the 4x4 with grilled onions and dressing only. The juice, cheese and spread just ooze out.