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Mar 29, 2011 12:01 PM

Atlantic City No-no's?

Hi all... with any luck I will be transplanted to AC for several months. As reading menus is a fetish of mine I've already compiled a sizable list of prospects and have Google-mapped them.

Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing which places are good and which are to be avoided.

TIA for sharing places that you would not dream of visiting in AC...

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  1. I only eat at the Borgata Buffet when in AC. I like it alot.
    If I want to go outside the city, I like tomato's in Margate. Excellent!

    1. I'd rather start by listing a few do's:

      White House Subs
      Tony Luke's
      Chef Vola
      Corky's BBQ

      For Dont's:

      Any and all buffets
      Most of the expensive Casino-attached restaurants

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      1. re: seal

        Hmmmmm... all but Tony Luke's and Opa are already on the list. A Google search yields a Tony Luke's in Philly, but not in AC. And Opa is showing up as closed, and the weblink leads to a page about Jesus. So far, so bad!

        1. re: GroovinGourmet

          Tony Luke's is in the food court at the Borgata - located under the poker room. As for Opa, I am sad to hear they closed.

          I have also enjoyed the ribeye steak and house made potato chips at Wolfgang Puck's place at the Borgata.

        2. re: seal

          x2 on the White House
          there is a little Italian bakery just down the street from there that is pretty awesome too

        3. Add Little Saigon to the To Do List

          Little Saigon Restaurant
          2801 Arctic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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            1. re: Bossa_Nova

              Done! Thanks and keep 'em coming, both pluses and minuses...

            2. AVOID Fork & Knife Inn ( I think that is the name ) we had a pretty unsatisfactory meal there not long ago

              Go to Docks Oyster House - I think its the best in AC all around for food. Never been to Chef Vola's though.

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              1. re: gwh912

                Thanks... I think I recall coming across Knife & Fork, but for some reason it did not make it to the map, and now it won't.

                Dock's is on there, and the menu looks really good, so that will be a place I hit early on in my stay.

                1. re: gwh912

                  That's kind of funny since Knife and Fork and Dock's are owned by the same people.

                  I was at Dock's last summer and it was very good (but somewhat pricy to make many trips to over the course of a few months -- definitely a splurge meal).

                  I don't know if Tony's Baltimore Grill is on the OP's list. You can get very inexpensive meals there, but the quality is hit or miss. I have not had their pizza, but I hear that it is very good.

                  1. re: Philly Ray

                    Seems quite a few places get mixed reviews... par for the course I guess. Hopefully I will have the opportunity for at least a few splurges. Dock's is definitely topping that list. Baltimore Grill is on the map... thanks for the heads up.

                    Baltimore Grill
                    , Atlantic City, NJ 08401

                  2. re: gwh912

                    Sorry that you had a bad experience, but Knife & Fork is a must for me in AC. Never had a bad meal there. K&F and Dock's are the 2 restaurants I frequent the most. I like to avoid all of the in-casino dining.

                    1. re: 1stand3rd

                      I will have to check into K&F again... thanks for the rec.

                  3. I will butcher the name but Budhakhan over at Caesars pier was great. The edamane dumplings were to die for.

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                    1. re: angelo04

                      You did! :D On the list... love the menu, and the dumplings were one of the first things I noticed that made the place stand out. Thanks for the thumbs up.