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Mar 29, 2011 10:58 AM

Gift from Dallas/TX

Is there a food related something from Dallas or Texas (I'm thinking a certain kind of dessert or something) that would make for a good gift to give to someone living on the east coast? Even if it's a really good bakery or something like that. The item is something that shouldn't need refrigeration, since I'll have to take it on a 3 hour plane ride with me....

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  1. I'd go with fried Twinkies or a pecan pie.

    1. Would make the drive up to Kolache Haven in Denton and get some fruit filled ones or get some frozen ones.....also could stop by Ravelin Bakery also in Denton for one of the croissants.

      1. I've been musing on this very question, since I'm about to embark on a trip that will require a few host gifts. I had to eliminate many of the items that first occurred to me -- including kolaches and hot guts -- because they'd need to be eaten immediately or kept frozen. I ended up putting together baskets with pickled jalapenos, queso, corn chips (all bearing the Go Texan seal), Cowtown cookies, Hail Merry chili pecans (made in Dallas, although I'm not certain the pecans were grown in state), Dr Pepper beef jerky and Balcones Baby Blue corn whiskey. Good luck.

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          Cute! Where did you find all these items?

          Need to give a host gift to my husband's clients, who I'll be staying with in a few weeks....

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            I bought everything at Central Market except the jerky, which I picked up at a souvenir shop, and the liquor, which came from Goody Goody. Have fun!

          1. I'll suggest Texas Olive Oil, It's good and the label is neat. They carry it at Central Market.


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              I've given their raspberry balsamic or whatever it is as a gift. Also Austinnuts, stuff from Flavors From Afar (now with artizone), or check that new place, Duo or whatever it's called.

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                I would suggest the Mesquite Olive Oil from Texas Olive Ranch. Can get it online or catch them at any of the Farmers Markets locally.