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Mar 29, 2011 10:33 AM

peeling black truffles

a recipe I was looking at suggested peeling black truffles, is this necessary? I thought you could just thinly shave it like a white truffle. If you do need to peel it, what is the best method? regular vegatable peeler?

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  1. Did the recipe say "peel truffle" (the verb/action) or did it call for "truffle peelings" in the ingredients?

    Japanese mandolin would probably be my preferred tool; I never liked truffle shavers anyway. Veg peeler is fine, too.

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    1. re: jaykayen

      not truffle peelings but to peel truffle...if what they mean is to slice then i get it...I was reading it as having to remove the outer layer or skin ..which I have never heard of before

      1. re: penick_99

        From the Truffle France page:

        Do you need to peel truffles?
        A truffle is full of taste. Even if its interior has a better taste than its peel, TRUFFLEfrance advice you not to peel them. Its peel and its body have grown together, and it's together that they will offer you all the smells and savors. But if you'd rather peel your truffles, do not let out the peels: put them in a bowl with oil, this will be delicious with a salad.