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Mar 29, 2011 10:13 AM

Bellota Bellota

Anyone been there? Comments on quality? Other comments.


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    1. Going to be in Paris next week. This is on my list.

      BTW where are the other Arago Rose Line markers besides the on on Richelieu?

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      1. re: jock

        You mean the Arago Médaillons? They are all over the place.
        This is a good list:

        Re Chorizo Bellota, both Pierre Oteiza and Spring boutique have good sources.

        1. re: Parigi

          spring is also on the list and i will add pierre oteiza.

          wow - i didn't realize there were so many of the medallions. i guess i'll have to look down as much as up in the future.

          many thanks.

          1. re: jock

            Since you mentioned Arago, you can also go to the boulevard of the same name to avail yourself to the last Vespasienne of Paris.
            It is hardly a 10-minute walk from Dans Les Landes ! Here's your plan: have a long winey meal at Dans Les Landes. Then walk 15 minutes to the bld d'Arago to use the Vespasienne...

            1. re: Parigi


              J'aime le vin encore plus que les denrées alimentaires

              i used the translator for the latter. hope it came out correctly.

      2. It's awesome. Terribly expensive of course, as you would expect from Spanish ham in Paris, but truly awesome. I like Oteiza and I like the Bigorre they have at Spring (and at a few good charcuterie in town, eg on the marché Saint-Quentin -- the one at J'Go is not good enough), but they're not in the same league. Even the Bellota at Robuchon is not the same league (also, they can't slice it properly).

        There's another place for excellent spanish charcuteries, on rue de l'Ouest, close to Montparnasse.

        1. I'd say it's the next best thing I've tasted (ham-wise) after Jamonissimo in Barcelona. Which means go! Da Rosa has some very good hams too.
          Don't forget the Jerez to wash it down. Or an old, vinous champagne.
          My oh my, I want some now!

          1. Went there last year. There is also a smaller one in Lyon (in Les Halles) which I go to pretty frequently. If you're going at the weekend, it's best to book as it's not very big. We didn't book & we got lucky and sat at the bar (which we prefer anyway). It was great as we got to see them preparing everything. It IS expensive, but the quality is outstanding. The tuna is melt in your mouth amazing. But of course the Bellota is fantastic. Get the trilogy, then you can taste different things.

            Good atmosphere, friendly staff - thoroughly recommend it.
            Have fun!