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Mar 29, 2011 09:55 AM

Elegant dessert ideas?

What are your favorite desserts that you would consider elegant/classy?

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  1. Poached pears, or anything served in an individual sized ramekin. I think elegance is often more about the presentation.

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      I've found that presentation is 100% of the elegant wow factor, but taste is what they'll remember. The desserts that bring me the most oohs and ahhs are the big, plated desserts: Baked Alaska, Pavlova, Charlottes and Bavarians (with piped whipped cream borders or glazed fresh fruit garnishes). I even rim my big square tiramisu with an outside row of lady fingers and a cloud of whipped cream for that structured effect. Rimming mile-high pies with fancy crust cutouts is not hard, but people are impressed by the little extra flourishes. My husband thought it was silly for me to do all of these things until he saw the effect on people. I just do it because I love playing with food.

    2. I actually think baba au rhum is classy. it's tall and elegant and beautifully golden, and the rum sauce makes it seem so upscale. It's also unusual, so you get points for that too.

      1. Something well plated with a contrast of textures and flavors. Ex: meyer lemon panna cotta with a blueberry coulis and a lemon shortbread cookie.

        1. were you disappointed with the responses to all the other queries you posted looking for special desserts?

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              Wow, yeah--maybe something other than a sophisticated, mini, torched dessert or ccc?