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Mar 29, 2011 09:53 AM

Where's the best Thai food in Marin?

Have been to the Thai place in Sausalito (not too impressive), and the one in Strawberry (Thep Lela), about the same...looking for great Thai food in Marin (if it exists...) The archives also mention Royal Thai, and Orchard Thai?

Or, best to head to Lers Roos, or Citizen Thai, etc, in the City?


Royal Thai Restaurant
610 3rd St, San Rafael, CA 94901

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  1. I have only gotten food to go but the tiny Bay Thai on Fourth Street in San Rafael is good. And cheap - my usual #13 Thai curry noodle (rice noodle in red curry with prawns, coconut milk, bamboo shoots, sweet basil, chili and baby corn) is a whopping $7.50 and is usually enough for 2 meals, especially if I remember to get a side of rice for day 2. Cash only.

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      2nd Bay Thai. While not great better than Tha Siam or Thep Lela. Bangkot Thai express and Thai Smile are on about the same level. All are better than the over-rated Thep Phanom in sf. Jhan Thong also worth a repeat, though be careful if you order certain things at lunch - they scoop it out from the buffet. I'd rather pay more for freshly made. But alas, there is in fact no distinctively good Thai in Marin, or for that matter Sonoma.

    2. Nothing like Lers Ros in Marin that I know of. Don't know Citizen Thai.
      I very much like Royal Thai, though spicing tends to be mild, but I find that easily corrected with available condiments. Good ingredients well prepared.
      Some of my favorite Thai (and Vietnamese) dishes are at Kitti's Place in Sausalito. This restaurant has an eclectic menu, but is owned and operated by a Thai family. There are several Thai dishes on the regular menu and often some really interesting Thai specials. Quite popular for lunch, they are only open till 8 on weekdays and 3 on Sat (closed Sun). Great Thai home cooking made to order!

      Kitti's Place
      3001 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965

      Royal Thai Restaurant
      610 3rd St, San Rafael, CA 94901

      1. Agree with you on Thep Lela--very average. As someone who just moved to Marin about 6 months ago from SF, I've been looking for a great Thai place. Out standby has become Thailand Restaurant, which is off of Blithedale, next to the new Whole Foods. It's pretty decent--not as good as some of my favorites in the city (Thep Phenom, Manora's), but pretty solid. Hope this helps.

        1. There is a great eclectic Thai place in Corte Madera, Sea Thai Bistro. Some interesting food happening. My husband prefers Royal Thai, but I think it is a bit boring.

          1. We like Orchid Thai in San Anselmo best. But none of them approach your typical street stall in Thailand. I've been traveling to Rayong on business the past couple of years. There's something remarkable about the "brightness" of the chili and other spices they use. The chili used here in the USA is dull and flat. Hot, but in a dull sort of way. I can't describe it.