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Mar 29, 2011 09:45 AM

Brunch Help - vegetarian AND no eggs!!

I am a new mother and my husband and I are hosting a brunch/playdate for a couple we met and their 8 month old son. The catch is that the guests have requested (because I asked) something vegetarian where "eggs are not the main ingredient". So I was thinking a yogurt parfait and coffee cake might work, but that seems pretty sweet. Then I saw a recipe for a ricotta and leek tart made with puff pastry that might be good. Pancakes or waffles might be OK, but I would rather make as much as possible in advance given I will have to tend to my 3 month old baby that morning. Any other ideas for me? I'd like it to be nice, but don't need it to be over the top. Thanks so much!!

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  1. I think the ricotta and leek tart sounds lovely, actually. Like a quiche but not a quiche. I'd just still keep some fruit around so it's still a bit breakfasty - maybe even serve it with a green salad with a bunch of berries and a poppyseed dressing?

    1. That tart sounds delicious. I also love to make tofu scramble, with lots of veggies. With either one, serving green salad, and/or fruit salad, and or some type of muffin or scone would be wonderful.

      1. Why not make a bread pudding? Either sweet or savory. You can prep it the night before, and just pop it into the oven. Add a fruit salad to that, and you are all set.

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          As a (mostly) vegetarian who really dislikes eggs, I belive that bread pudding is likely to be too eggy. But for others it would be a big hit!

        2. I'm hungry right now so forgive me - pan roasted potatoes (with onions and garlic). Gently mix in black beans and chopped cilantro. Can be kept warm in oven. Add a crude salsa, sour cream or crema on top. Serve with whole grain bread or tortillas. Fruit salad would go great with it.

          1. I'm guessing that "eggs not the main" will leave room for eggs being part of the ingredients, not the center of the dish, as is scrambled or over easy. That said, a Spanish Tortilla might work.

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              Thanks so much for the great ideas. They were pretty clear that eggs not the main means no fritata, quiche, etc. so I think that rules out a tortilla. I have some new individual trifle cups, so I might do a berry and greek yogurt parfait with toasted nuts, home fries and the ricotta tart. The brunch is actually at 9am due to children's nap schedules, so I think the tart with salad might be too lunch-y. I think with coffee and juice this will work. Thanks again for the inspiration!