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Mar 29, 2011 09:02 AM

Roast Beef: Maverick's vs. Wally's or other?

Looking for a recommendation for the best roast beef sandwich in the Twin Cities. We have been to Maverick's several times and just love it. I've heard about Wally's but have never been. Is anything in the same league as Mavericks?

Note: I am not a fan of Mayslacks.....way too garlicky. Arby's either.


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  1. Wally's just relocated to just south of 494 on Penn. I have been a few times and the roast beef is quite good.
    And you so did not just mention Arby's and actual roast beef in the same sentence???
    My first job in the US was at Arby's and after you have seen what they call roast beef in it's raw state I will never eat it.

    1. i like them both but i prefer maverick's.

      1. try Mayslacks in NE MPLS. Divey, but good

        1. I tried Mayslacks and Wally's just recently, based on recommendations from chow. Mayslacks was not good. The meat was chewy and the sauce was all wrong. Although, the sandwich was huge. I'm not going back.

          Wally's was pretty good. It's like a gourmet version of the RB's (arby's) one. The fries were good too. It's definitely worth a trip. However the joint has some pretty weird hours so call ahead.

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            I really, really like Bronco's in Anoka; the meat is as good as Maverick's, but the jus is way better.

            Bronco's Sandwiches
            2371 7th Ave, Anoka, MN 55303

            1. re: SmartCookie

              I have to add a tip of the hat to Broncos. We just had their sandwiches brought in for lunch and everything was outstanding. I'll put it right up there with (and possibly ahead of) Mavericks.

          2. Mavericks is great. I like the fact they have fresh sides (fried per order)...and their roast beef is always tender and juicy. I have been there 10 or so times and only one bad experience (dry beef). From my trips I have found its best to go on typical lunch times so that the meat isn't sitting there. Also...good milkshakes and I just love that everytime I go there someone is walking into subway and getting a deflated bread sandwich with overlysalted nastiness covered by veggies.