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Roast Beef: Maverick's vs. Wally's or other?

Looking for a recommendation for the best roast beef sandwich in the Twin Cities. We have been to Maverick's several times and just love it. I've heard about Wally's but have never been. Is anything in the same league as Mavericks?

Note: I am not a fan of Mayslacks.....way too garlicky. Arby's either.


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  1. Wally's just relocated to just south of 494 on Penn. I have been a few times and the roast beef is quite good.
    And you so did not just mention Arby's and actual roast beef in the same sentence???
    My first job in the US was at Arby's and after you have seen what they call roast beef in it's raw state I will never eat it.

    1. i like them both but i prefer maverick's.

      1. try Mayslacks in NE MPLS. Divey, but good

        1. I tried Mayslacks and Wally's just recently, based on recommendations from chow. Mayslacks was not good. The meat was chewy and the sauce was all wrong. Although, the sandwich was huge. I'm not going back.

          Wally's was pretty good. It's like a gourmet version of the RB's (arby's) one. The fries were good too. It's definitely worth a trip. However the joint has some pretty weird hours so call ahead.

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            I really, really like Bronco's in Anoka; the meat is as good as Maverick's, but the jus is way better.

            Bronco's Sandwiches
            2371 7th Ave, Anoka, MN 55303

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              I have to add a tip of the hat to Broncos. We just had their sandwiches brought in for lunch and everything was outstanding. I'll put it right up there with (and possibly ahead of) Mavericks.

          2. Mavericks is great. I like the fact they have fresh sides (fried per order)...and their roast beef is always tender and juicy. I have been there 10 or so times and only one bad experience (dry beef). From my trips I have found its best to go on typical lunch times so that the meat isn't sitting there. Also...good milkshakes and I just love that everytime I go there someone is walking into subway and getting a deflated bread sandwich with overlysalted nastiness covered by veggies.

            1. Can someone post a link to Mavericks? I've never heard of it.

              Wally's is good and an institution just like Mayslacks. The thing about Mayslacks is that it's changed ownership many times since the good old days. A few years ago, a former UofM wrestler (or football player) sold Mayslacks and moved up to his own place on Hwy 10 in Anoka. He took the recipe with him but Mayslacks continues to make the sandwiches. They are still good in my opinion, but not like how they were, or how they really once were.

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                Mayslacks Music Lounge
                1428 4th St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

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                  Mavericks: http://www.mavericksroastbeef.com/

                  It's Moe's in Mounds View that supposely owns the original Mayslacks recipe and apparently serves it. I haven't tried it. http://www.moesonthego.com/

                  The place that currently is called Mayslack's in Minneapolis doesn't have the original recipe anymore. However, the Mayslack's sandwich sold at TCF Bank Stadium during football season is the original.



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                    The last time I went to Mayslack's, I found it flat out horrible. The meat just tasted foul to me. My dining companion mowed down his sandwich and most of mine, as well. I have no plans on returning.

                    I go to Maverick's every few weeks and love it. Never been to Wally's.

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                      Wally's is almost impossible to find, inside a Office Park with almost no outside signage. The sandwich was equal to Maverick's but found the fries lacking, they had been premade and were "waiting" for someone to order them. TI think they should be made in smaller batches because the ones I got were dried out.
                      Wally's has many more things on the Menu and I'm going to give them a few more tries when I'm in the neighborhood. This is the correct address.
                      Wally’s Roast Beef
                      Southtown Office Park
                      8120 Penn Ave S.
                      Bloomington, MN 55431

                      Wally's Roast Beef
                      2113 W 90th St, Minneapolis, MN 55431

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                        Thanks for the heads up regarding the location. I had no trouble whatsoever finding it! I thought Wally's roast beef sandwich was very good. I think I liked it even better than Mavericks. Like your experience, my fries were not fresh and were a waste of money. They might be good fresh, but old, not so much.

                        I will return.

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                          Didn't Wally's used to be on W. 80th St in Bloomington, or something like that, around Penn Ave? I could swear I got a great Roast Beef sandwich at what I thought was Wally's a few years ago at a place that looked like it was 40 years old in a small strip mall in that area. I drove by there a couple weeks ago, and it looked gone, and when I checked on the Wally's address, found that it was much closer to 494 than I remembered it being. Am I confusing Wally's with a different place? Am I imagining things?

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                            It used to be on 90th but it moved , it is now in a office building. It is just off Penn at about 81st.

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                          Yeah, there doesn't seem to be a compelling reason to go to "Mayslacks" anymore, since the recipe left with Jeff Moritko a decade ago. The one at TCF Bank Stadium booth (run by Moritko) is pretty good for stadium food, if you can get it back to your seat while it's still hot.

                          I'd love a report on Moe's (where the original Mayslacks recipe now resides.)

                          Love Mavericks!


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                            I went to Moe's not long after it opened, and had the roast beef. I found it miles ahead of the current slop being served as Mayslacks. It's been too long for me to really compare it to Mavericks, though.

                    2. Back in the 80's when I worked in Bloomington, I had more than ten lunches at Wally's. There was no Maverick's at that time and Wally's was the best. Mayslack's was good when Stan was alive (again, more than 10 years ago).

                      Nowadays, (and just this week, in fact) I enjoy Maverick's over all the other contenders.

                      1. I just checked out Maverick's. It's alright. The meat is very moist, and somewhat tender. The only problem is that it's not seasoned at all. It's very bland. They give you all kinds of condiments and such to add to the sandwich. But, the roast beef doesn't stand alone. I prefer the wally's because there was flavor in the meat.

                        Oh, the sides at mavericks is pretty good.

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                          I too just recently checked out Mavericks. It reminded me of Kelly's Roast Beef of Revere Beach near Boston, very tender and moist. Much better than Mayslacks. Moe's is next on my list.

                        2. There is a sandwich shop in Eden Prairie called Bakers Ribs. I had an EXCELLENT roast beef sandwich there but it has been probably 3 years. Actually now that I thought of it I'm going to make it a point to go back this week. I'll let you know if it's worth it!!

                          1. A few months ago I had a great RB at the Crossroads Deli in Hopkins. Lunchtime and there was a carving station, building one sandwich at a time. Talked to the chef who confirmed that the RB had been slow roasted overnight.

                            1. When Wally's relocated, another roast beef sandwich restaurant opened in the shopping center just north of where Wally's had been. It's called Penn Lake Roast Beef. I haven't been there yet, but I hear that it's operated by a former cook from Wally's. I'd be interested in hearing if they're as good as Wally's.

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                                It's decent, but not quite to the level of Wally's IMO. If you're in a hurry though, it's an acceptable alternative as Wally's is MOBBED at lunch on weekdays.

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                                  I tried Penn Lake Roast Beef earlier this week and I thought it was really good. I thought the roast beef was about the same as far quality, as Wally's, but the sides were much better. I've been going to Wally's for years and like the roast beef a lot, but have always felt like the sides weren't that great. And i wasn't really expecting a lot either. Frozen french fries, onion rings or potatoe cakes thrown in a deep fryer shouldn't be that hard. But, it always seemed like something was off...like they don't change the oil often enough or something. Anyway, everything at Penn Lake was really good. I also think the value is a lot better at Penn Lake. I had a grilled turkey, swiss and bacon sandwich, fries, and a can of coke for like $5.75. My companion had a roast beef sandwich (we shared both so I got to try both sandwiches) , fries, and a big mango shake for a buck more.

                                  All things considered, I give Penn Lake the edge....service was really fast and friendly, everyone really eager to please, and the food good and a good value.

                                2. (I know this thread is old by now, but I figure I'd chime in)... I personally think Wally's is slightly better than Maverick's, but those two are very comparable. Practically the same restaurant when you get down to it. Mayslack's, to me, is better than either of those, but it's a different experience entirely.

                                  But as far as I'm concerned, the best roast beef sandwich in the cities is from Clancey's Meat & Fish in Linden Hills. It's cold cut, not hot like at Wally's, but the quality of the beef and the toppings and bread are unbelievable. Maybe the best sandwich, roast beef or otherwise, I've ever had.

                                  1. I also know this thread is old, but I'll put this rumor out there. A close relative of the owner of one of Chicago's best known Italian Beef joints recently moved to the Twin Cities. Per a conversation, he's looking to open a beef shop here. I'm not going to say which beef shop it is, but if it happens, it won't even be a contest anymore. I'm not sure any roast beef place in America holds a candle to this place.

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                                        Sorry, don't want to speak out of turn.
                                        Was considering Bloomington or Dinkytown. I advised Dinkytown. If it happens, it'll be the best thing to happen on the TC sandwich scene in years.

                                      2. re: Db Cooper

                                        As a native Chicagoan, I love a good Italian beef sandwich. (I like both sweet and hot.) But that's not the same thing as the roast beef Wally's and Maverick's are putting out. Different flavors, different cooking style.

                                        To add my two cents to the debate, I've been to both Wally's and Maverick's in the last month. Maverick's has the most tender, perfectly medium-rare beef. Wally's beef isn't quite as good, but they do have a menu with more variety.

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                                          if you want a good chicago italian beef, the only option is uncle frankys

                                          1. re: DukeFan

                                            Last time I went to Uncle Franky's, they put onions on the beef. That's just not done. Posers.

                                            1. re: Jordan

                                              Uncle Franky's keeps their beef in the juice which is fine. Except you can't have the juice boiling hot. One, it overcooks the beef. Two, you can't even hold the sandwich it is so hot. You go to any of the quality beef joints in Chicago, the juice is never over the fire directly, always to the side to keep it warm, but not hot.

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                                            A few things:

                                            -I was at Maverick's a few weeks ago, and they are as good as ever. Not sure the large sandwich is worth $9, but it is quite good.

                                            -Broncos continues to be top notch. If you haven't checked it out, do so if/when you're in the northern 'burbs.

                                            -I've been to a handful of recommended Italian beef places in Chicago, and none have done anything for me. Bland and mushy in every case.

                                        2. Morts in GV is another good option. I'll usually opt for the rueben or the tongue there.