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Mar 29, 2011 08:39 AM

Ottawa to Montreal Foodie Tour

My fiance and I just returned from our Food and Wine inspired tour and we had a blast, so I thought I'd share the itinerary in case anyone else would be interested. The tour would work any time of the year, but if you go in the spring during sugaring off like we did, the ferry in point fortune and como isn't running so its a bit more driving. If anyone has any specific questions about any of these places, feel free to let me know. We had the time of our lives and we came back with so many great foodie treasures.

Day 1 (on the way to montreal)
Beau's Brewery in Vankleek Hill (we didn't go but it was originally on our list and it has some fun tours and beer)
Vankleek Hill Vineyard (marty has white wine now, and will be bottling red and rose soon)
Les Beaux Bisons (organic bison: must email jacques ahead of time)
Roaming Boar Farms (wild boar, we didn't make it to this one because of a miscommunication with my fiance)
Optional Ferry from Point Fortune to Carillon (running from late spring to fall), otherwise drive back to Hawkesbury to cross.
Boutique Des Bec Fins in Lachute (charcutterie)
Ferme Gaspor St. Canut Pork (call ahead for possible tour and meat sales on site)
Fromagerie Mirabel
Au Dieu De Ciel in Sainte Jerome (beer)
Fromages de la Table Ronde in Sainte Sophie
Then we checked in to the B&B Auberge les Passants de Sans Soucy in old montreal which we highly recommend
Dinner at PDC (service excellent, food pretty unusual but great)

Day 2 (around montreal)
Mycoboutique(mushroom store off st. Laurent)
Jean Talon Market
Fairmount Bagel
Schwartz's Deli
Dinner at Garde Manger (food slightly overpriced but atmosphere rocked)

Day 3 (back to ottawa in a roundabout way)
Atwater Market
Chateau Taillefer Lafon (wine)
Vignoble Riviere Du Chene (wine)
Nid Outruche (ostriche meat: we didn't make it here as we were running late)
PDC Sugar Shack (they do sell meat pie, jerky, doughnuts, t-shirts and caramel corn at their counter and we saw Martin playing in the wood pile but we were too shy to interrupt him)
Intermiel (honey),
Les Fromages du Verger
Magasin Abbaye Oka
(again if the ferry is running take it over to rigaud here, but if not you now have to drive back into laval and take the hwy back)
Vignoble Cote de Vaudreuil (south of como)
La Romance du Vin
Sucrerie de la Montagne for dinner in rigaud.

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  1. Great tour followme2Adventure! Also from Ottawa and wondered where you got your information for all the places along the route to Montreal. Example...the place that sells ostrich meat. We often drive to Montreal just to go to the Jean Talon Market. When we stay over in Montreal always have a couple of coolers with us.

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    1. re: Deborah

      I basically pulled up a google map of an area along my route and then looked for "farm", "cheese", "wine", it's a great way to find smaller places that might not advertise on the larger websites. We actually didn't find too much at JT market, but I guess a lot of things aren't going this early in the year. My favorite spot was the st canut pork farms, highly recommend. All of the spots above are very close together, so the trip was convenient. Even if you don't want to do a full tour, cote vaudreuil and romance du vin are just mins off the highway in rigaud/como area.

      1. re: FollowMe2Adventure

        Thanks for the information. We find JT market great because we buy produce that we never see here in Ottawa. There are a few vendors that sell many kinds of frisee, which few market vendors sell here even in the summer. Also, the coloured carrots and beets. Some have many different types of eggplant. We love all the shops surrounding the market. In the fall we buy all our tomatoes in bulk for smoking and hot peppers for pickling. Not only so much cheaper then Ottawa market vendors but greater variety.

        1. re: Deborah

          Good point, we didn't linger too much in the fresh veg section since we didn't think they'd last the extra day, but next time we'll check out the greens, I did notice lots of beets and the eggplants.

    2. this is great! I would love to know your honeymoon itinerary if it is to be food-induced too...

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      1. re: blondee_47

        Haha, we have been thinking about niagara on the lake wine, but I've only begun searching so far.

        1. re: FollowMe2Adventure

          hi there Followme2adventure

          Where is the wild boar farm? Do they have an internet site?


          1. re: gerrythegreat

            Sorry, not sure if i replied, no website, but email is on this link.
            he is Ferme Sanglier Rodeur.

          2. re: FollowMe2Adventure

            thanks for the info! I'm always heading back and forth between Montreal and Ottawa, will have to slow down one time and check out a few of these places..

            for whatever its worth, i would steer away from Niagara on the lake, the city is charming enough but the wineries are overly commercialized and i was very disapointed with the restaurants... charlevoix is about the same distance from ottawa, much prettier, better food and more authentic feeling imho

            1. re: tdiddy23

              I have to disagree with you, tdiddy. There are some excellent, small wineries in Niagara on the Lake, well worth checking out (and not commercialized at all), and at least one has a very decent little restaurant with a terrace overlooking the vineyards, if you're there in the summer (the Beamsville Bench area is my favourite). If you only go to the "big name" wineries looking for icewine, that would be a different story...

              1. re: cherylmtl

                we did mainly icewine to be honest... and it was a different story! haha

                only had a short time there, was spur of the moment and not planned so we just took the hotels advice about wineries, icewine is my favourite from the region so we went to a couple of places. i've been to many international wine regions, small and big name wineries, and niagara really did not impress me, but certainly i agree we should have gone to smaller places.

                the food was really the bigger disapointment though. Went to pellar estates "overlooking the vineyards" restaurant (and another place in town whose name escapes me) -terrible experience, considering it is regarded as one of the best in the region, I don't have a lot of confidence in the food culture there, perhaps I am wrong?

                certainly it is worth checking out NOTL if you are in the area, i merely meant I don't feel it is worthy of a 7 hour drive, but to each their own

                anyways the OP did not even ask for advice, sorry for hijacking this thread!