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Jan 17, 2006 03:07 PM

Best Lunch Deal in Downtown LA?

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Looking for thoughts on specific lunch deals in Downtown.

I will start off by throwing out my favorite...

Sushi Go 55’s sushi sampler lunch plate (from the folks who own Izakaya Huru Ulaya).

For $10.00 you get 5 pieces of nigiri sushi and a blue crab handroll.

Depending of the available fish, the typical serving includes Maguro topped with a homemade soy sauce. Salmon topped with sake marinated kelp and sesame seeds. Yellowtail. Halibut topped with a chili infused daikon, green onion and homemade ponzu. And incredible albacore topped with slivered onions and ponzu. And there is the well sized blue crab handroll.

Their fish is always high quality and very fresh. Flown in daily from various locations. And fresh grated wasabi is available upon request.

The meal also comes with miso soup, sunomono salad, japanese pickles, and a potato salad. All this for $10.

P.S. Their fried oysters are the best I have had outside New Orleans.

They are located in the Little Tokyo Shopping Center on the 3rd floor (the same mall where the downtown Mitsuwa is located).

Sushi Go 55
333 S. Alameda Street
Los Angeles, California 90012
Phone: (213) 687 - 0777

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  1. One of my favorites is OK Seafood, which is located on the ground level of the same building that houses Ocean Seafood on Hill Street, in Chinatown.

    I think their combo lunches start at $3.95 and come with terrific hot and sour soup and all the jasmine rice you can eat.

    While everything they do is very good, one of my favorites is their scrambled egg shrimp. Also great is their salt and pepper squid.

    Do check this place out. Probably the best bargain I have ever found. They even have tablecloths!

    1. I know you asked for lunch deals, but I have a good breakfast deal:

      La Botana in the Fashion District. There are 2 young men out front attending to customers, and mamacita’s in the back cooking. I was the only one in there last Friday morning, and the only one that spoke English.

      I ordered the huevos rancheros for $3.50.

      They start you off with homemade chips and a smoky green salsa. The huevos rancheros are 2 extra large eggs covered with homemade stewed tomatoes and onions. The sauce wasn't particularly spicy, but it was obviously simmered a long time as the tomatoes and onions were soft and the flavors were rich. And there’s Tapatio on the table if you want it spicier.

      They're served with fresh refried beans, rice and warm corn tortillas, which are refilled if you finish the 4 that they bring with the dish.

      Overall very satisfying, and a bargain.

      La Botana
      1359 S. Main Street (between Venice and Pico)
      (213) 744-1929

      1. Shabu Shabu House in Japanese Village Plaza for lunch where you can order the large (15 slices) of ribeye with all the fixings and udon for I believe $9.62. I believe the regular is around $8.

        Good quality, always fresh, they are good at refilling your rice bowl. Although not traditional, I like to put the pureed garlic in the sesame and ponzu sauce.

        A bargain in my opinion for the quality you get.

        1. Several years ago I worked downtown and I found these places to be good.

          Hop Li (Shrimp, chicken, fried rice, noodles – really anything on the menu)
          526 Alpine St
          Los Angeles, CA 90012-2308
          (213) 680-3939
          Cross Street: Hill Street

          Fisherman's Outlet Restaurant and Market (Shrimp Cocktail, Shrimp Salad, Fresh Grilled fish & Deep Fried Fish, shrimp and scallops)
          529 S Central Ave
          Los Angeles, CA 90013-1714
          (213) 627-7231
          Cross Street: Fifth Street
          Close at 5:00pm

          Curry House (Shrimp, Chicken, Burgers, Spaghetti)
          123 S. Onizuka St., #204
          Los Angeles, CA 90012
          (213) 620-0855

          Park under ground and take the elevator up to second floor

          Sometimes I felt like I needed to take control of my life and escapse so I would jump on a train and leave town (Downtown anyway) via the Red Line to MacArthur Park to Langer's. Easy ride to a good pastrami.

          Langer's (Pastrami – request “hand cut.”
          )704 S Alvarado St (Red Line at MacArthur Park)
          Los Angeles, CA 90057-4020
          (213) 483-8050