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Mar 29, 2011 08:21 AM

apple butter

What is apple butter, and where can I buy it in the Boston area?


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  1. Apple butter is cooked down, to a spreadable thick consistency, spiced apple sauce.
    Check your local supermarket in the jam and jelly section.

    1. Almost every market in the Boston area will have an Apple Butter on the shelves. I am fairly sure that I have seen it at Stop N'Shop and Shaws.

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        Also, Whole Foods and Harvest Co-op (Central Square) both have it.

      2. Good descriptions of apple butter have been given, but there, IMO, is only one to get. It is better than my homemade one, which rocked. Here it is. TaDa-Baumann's Apple butter, nothing added. They have one with sugar added and one without, the without is the bomb. Available by mail order and again wonderful. It is made in the NE, Pennsylvania l believe. If you want to trust me and buy a case it is very inexpensive, by the bottle more.

        1. I usually make apple butter sometime in November or December from whatever wrinkly apples are left from our fall apple-picking trip. It's easy--it just takes some time. Go easy on the spices if you add any--you can always add more later. There's a simple recipe in Joy of Cooking.