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Mar 29, 2011 08:03 AM

Ketchup chips best tasting.

Before lay's changed their ketchup chips taste, they had some really tasty ketchup chips, now they're bland, right now what is the best ketchup chips available in Toronto/scarborough?

the 80's had some amazing tasting ketchup chips.

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  1. Growing up in the 80's Hostess used to be my fave ketchup flavor chips. Now if I am in the mood I go for Herr's brand--you can usually find them at Loblaws or No Frills.

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    1. re: ParsleySage

      Old Dutch Ketchup.. hard to find sometimes but so worth the effort. Corner stores usually carry them sometimes the grocery stores do too.

      1. re: MiniMom

        the best thing in life?
        getting that Old Dutch ketchup chip that's DARK RED.


    2. The 80's had some amazing tasting chips period. Those were Hostess before Hostess were bought by Lays. If you remember Lays chips were gawd awful!!! until they purchased Hostess and basically swapped the labeling on the hostess bags to the Lays brand. Not sure if they have since changed the recipe however I enjoy the different PC choices for flavoured chips

      1. GOTTA BE HERR'S!! Heinz ketchup flavour at No Frills, they are COATED

          1. Not sure if Krispers can be counted as chips but the ketchup flavour was my fave. Nearly ate a whole bag by myself in one go! Love them.