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Mar 29, 2011 08:00 AM

Buying Heavy Cream?

Does anyone know where I can buy quarts of heavy cream in Austin? And for how much? I would like to buy from a local dairy. I remember in New Orleans I used to buy quarts of cream at the farmers' market for $8. Does anyone know a dairy that offers something like that here? The pint containers are expensive. Thanks!

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  1. there's GOT to be someone at the Farmer's Market who can hook you up

    1. Try Way Back When Dairy. I know they sell milk at Natural Grocers and Wheatsville, but you may want to track them down at SFC Downtown market or SFC Sunset Valley for more products.

      1. greenling has cream from way back when and texas daily harvest.
        those are the two cow dairies they use for the local offerings.
        it's $8 a pint so maybe it would be cheaper buying directly from the dairy.

        1. Thanks everyone. The Way Back When pints at Wheatsville are a little expensive for me. I used to get locally-produced cream by the quart for about half that price. Trying to buy directly is a good idea.

          1. You can also try the Farmer's Market on Saturdays at the Lakeline Mall Parking lot. They set up lots of tents with organic and local produce. 9-1 on Saturdays.
            They usually have live music too

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              You could try Full Quiver at the Barton Creek Farmer's market. They primarily sell cream cheese there, but I know they have a milk co-op or milk shares or something like that..