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Mar 29, 2011 07:28 AM

$15 for $30 Worth of Indian Cuisine and Drinks at Karaikudi Chettinad Restaurant in Scarborough

Has anyone been to this restaurant? I see there is a 50% off deal for it. <-- may not be the proper link after March 29!

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  1. I haven't been to Karaikudi, but my friends have and recommended it. They ordered typical Northern Indian items, but I pointed out that they should try the Chettinadi items offered. They also mentioned that the day they went, the restaurant was only offering egg biryani, claiming they were out of the meat biryani options. If you buy the voucher, I'd suggest calling ahead to make sure that they have all the items you're hoping to order.

    1. a friend mentioned this place and i actually really want to go, here's a post with some photos that added to the interest:

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        Isn't someone else asking about thalis on the boards right now? The pictures of thalis in the link provided by pinstripeprincess look really good. Now I really want to go! I recall someone else commenting in a much older thread that Anjappar Chettinad is better than Karaikudi, but it looks like a very inviting atmosphere at Karaikudi, while I hear that Anjappar Chettinad's atmosphere is more cafeteria than restaurant.

        Anjappar Chettinad
        3090 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON M1J2H1, CA

      2. Damn it. I missed the offer. I go there often. I would have maxed out the groupon. I have seen them offer deals only once a year during their anniversary (end of Jan) which is a great offer. They call it "Pay Once Dine Twice". I availed that offer for the last two years. Other than that, I have never seen them give any offers. Have to keep watch now.

        I usually go to Karaikudi in the weekend and it is pretty busy. Sometimes, I had to wait for a while to get a table. Karaikudi Chettinad is my favourite Indian restaurant in Toronto. Used to go to Anjappar before Karaikudi burst onto the crowded Indian scene. Too many Indian restaurants and so called south Indian restaurants, but most lack the authenticity which Karaikudi provides.

        1sweetpea, I have also encountered the biriyani not available issue once. The manager explained that it was terribly busy that evening and I went just when they were about to close. According to him, the biriyanis take a while to make in chettinad style, so I can understand if it is not available on a busy day towards close. GO EARLY. Other than that I never had the items not available issue. BTW, their thali is available only for lunch.

        Specific food recommendations: If you can handle a bit of heat their fish curry and nandu masala is a must try. Try the fish curry with the rice. Nandu masala with parotta. When I say heat, it is moderate. Definitely not the off the chart levels like the Srilankan food. If you like Indian food, but cannot handle the spice level, their garlic naan and butter chicken is one of the best. Even if you can't deal with the heat, try their biriyanis. Excellent flavour.

        When I talk about Karaikudi, it it very difficult not to mention the decor. Saravana Bhavan is a cafeteria. Anjappar is a bland restaurant. Karaikudi is way out of this league in terms of decor. I will review comparing these three together in detail later. For now let me tell you this, Karaikudi wins hands down.

        Look at their facebook page for some nice photos. There is one photo of the interior with table cloths. Just one word, Awesome!. I am a fan as you can tell by now:)

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          Thanks for the post anamika.

          I snagged one of these the other day and can't wait to use it.

        2. Karaikudi has one more Groupon deal today. 12 for 25 and a two for one lunch buffet. Got a couple of them.