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Mar 29, 2011 07:13 AM

Zing Pizza in Porter Square: any reviews?

Is this place worth a visit? Has anyone tried delivery?

Zing Pizza
1923 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140

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  1. Hey Blumie, I've gotten their pizza a couple of times. I like it well enough - the crust is generally thin and crispy and the toppings are high quality. The shape of their pizzas is a bit odd - a rather long rectangle. And their service can be iffy - never unfriendly but a bit confused sometimes. On the whole though, I recommend them. I especially like their "Blue October" with butternut squash, fresh baby spinach, carmelized onions, mozzarella, and blue cheese. MMMMMMMMMMM

    Edited to add that I have had delivery - they did fine.

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      The ideas are fun and sometimes good, though it's fairly expensive per slice when you eat in. I've had two delivery experiences -- once at a friend's party, where the variety and interesting toppings went over really well, and once to my house (which is not far at all from the restaurant) and it arrived very late, very cold and most damningly, had barely any of the toppings (fiddleheads) so was mainly just a cold, overly cheesy lump of bread, for about $25 including tip. Eating in may be the most satisfying and consistent way to experience it.

    2. I really enjoy their pizzas. Their crust is very thin but not a cracker-crust, and their toppings are adventurous without being overly goofy. My all time favorite is the Blue October: a butternut squash sauce topped with caramelized onions, spinach, and bleu cheese; with a little dash of hot sauce, it's a fantastic combination of flavors. I used their delivery once, and it arrived promptly, no hassles.

      1. Zing is absolutely terrible pizza. There are so many better options, there is no need to bother with that place.

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          I should mention that their pizza tends to be polarizing. Folks who like thin-crust pizza and like adventurous ingredients seem to love the place; those who like a yeasty, chewy crust, a robust Italian tomato sauce, and lots of cheese will hate it.

          1. re: Boston_Otter

            I agree that Zing might be polarizing. Personally, I love their pizza. It's fantastic. The flavor combinations are terrific. Definitely worth a try.

            As an added bonus they do gluten free crust (which is also a home run).

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              I just view it as not worth any hassle. If I happen to be standing right there and want pizza, I could do worse. But I doubt I'd even walk more than a block for it.

          2. Count us in the camp who liked it. We had a few beers at Toad across the street and Zing slices hit the spot afterwards. Cute, dude-like earnest service, good music (we ate in). Crust was thin, as we like it and creative toppings (I don't remember...this was a couple of months ago). We had a bunch of veggie slices as a concession to me, and we loved them all. Don't know how well the slices travel, though. Not much good pizza in that area, except Newtowne for bar pizza. We haven't tried Stone Hearth.