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Mar 29, 2011 06:50 AM


I'm going to be in Vegas the second half of this week, and decided that I'd like to take my brother out to a dinner like we've never eaten. He's been through culinary school, both of us are foodies, and both are very open to trying new flavors.

I really think l'Atelier sounds awesome, both the food and the atmosphere really appeal to me. I really like the fact that when you're seated at the counter you can actually watch the chefs prepare the meal.

However, it appears that I waited too late. The only night we'll have available for this meal is this Friday, and the only reservation time I can get is 10:15 or 10:30. I went ahead and made the 10:15 reservations, but I'm curious if anybody has eaten there this late?

I don't want to pay the full price only to find that we are rushed through our meal because they want to go home, and I don't want the quality to suffer either. I'd like to think that you wouldn't have to worry about that at a nice restaurant like this, but you never know.

There are other nice restaurants in town that I can still get reservations for a more normal dining time, but I really had my heart set on l'Atelier. Can anyone chime in on what I should expect by dining so late?

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  1. I can't tell you about the late ressie but we dined there a couple of weeks ago, 5 top at 8:15 and virtually everything was excellent.

    1. Two things...I was just in Las Vegas and very much enjoyed a dinner at L'Atelier...but...
      1) Although you do sit at a counter, you really are not sitting at a typical "chef's counter" where the chefs are cooking right in front of you. There is actually a fairly wide zone between the counter and the cooking...where the servers work and take care of you. You really do not see much cooking! L'Atelier is great fun and the food is interesting and very good...but, for my money, I would go to
      2) Rosemary's which is way off the strip on Sahara, sit at a real chef's counter and watch Chef Michael prepare a fabulous dinner for you. The food is superb, not quite as cutesy or inventive as L'Atelier, but nevertheless very interesting and wonderful. You will view excellent chefs in action, have terrific service, and pay half of what it will cost at LAtelier. The sommelier is superb, and the wine cost will be a fraction of what it is at L'Atelier. The only thing is that you will either have to drive there, or take a fairly long cab ride there. See:

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        Thanks for the information. I'm kinda bummed to hear that you don't get to see the cooking as much as I expected at L'Atelier, but I'm still pretty excited to check it out.

        Rosemary's looks good too, but we're not getting a car on this trip, and we really want to try the larger tasting menu type place. Thanks though, I'll keep it in mind for a future Vegas trip!

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          Some of the counter seats are much better than others in terms of view of cooking.

          We've eaten at L'Atelier probably 6 or 7 times and always had a great time.
          A few times we've been finishing up our meal after 11 and there were still plenty of people eating. If I was seated at 10:15 I wouldn't order the full tasting menu but otherwise I wouldn't sweat it.