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Need to find a cake for sister's bridal shower

I Am trying to find a good place to buy my sisters cake. Have tried La Tulip in Mt. Kisco. Was very good but very expensive but the people there were really nice and very patient. Also tried Riviera in Ardsley and cake wasn't that great plus their staff was not very helpful. Someone told me about the Pastry Corner in Mt. Kisco and what great stuff they have. I called a week ago Monday and the woman on the phone was very helpful and patient but when I went in to order the cake the woman I spoke with was unfriendly and rude not the same woman I spoke to on the phone. She acted like she didn't have time for me and she didn't even want to sell me the cake. Ifelt very uncomfortable so I left and told her I would come back. So I am still cakeless with less than 2 weeks to go. Please help!

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  1. Try the new bakery, Chantilly, in Bronxville. Also Lulu's in Scarsdale.

    1. La Tulipe-you get what you pay for. For a special occasion, I don't bother going elsewhere. They never fail to create something that is impressive, both in appearance and in flavor.

      1. Pastry Corner does a wonderful job - sorry to hear the staff is rude. I've never had a problem. I have to say, while La Tulipe is expensive - I was there on Saturday and someone was picking up an ordered cake and it was beautiful. Their work is exquisite and for a special occassion - worth it if you can swing it.

        1. Homestyle in Peekskill bakes for restaurants and retail. Yum especially on their chocolate mousse cake and the whole sheet Napoleon.

          1. i too am disapponted to hear that pastry Corner wasn't helpful/friendly. i have been using them for years and have always had great service and great tasting and looking cakes.Lexington Square Cafe in mtKisco makes beautiful cakes. Bedford pastry is great in bedford shopping center, next to learning Express/A&P and also l'Anjou in Mtkisco is great not as expensive as la Tulipe but same great quality

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              I will second Lexington Square Cafe!!

              Lexington Square Cafe
              510 Lexington Avenue, Mount Kisco, NY 10549

            2. I also second Chantilly in Bronxville - a real French bakery and less expensive than La Tulipe (although I'm a big fan and so worth it when I have the $$). Also, Flour and Sun in Pleasantville will make any version of its cupcakes into a cake for you. I've worked with them quite a few times and their cakes were decorative and really delicious as well.

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                I agree with AdamD. What about Patisserie Salzburg in Rye? Fantastic but may be $$. Also Scarsdale Pastry center or Cerbones in Rye Brook. Not as fancy as the others but certainly tasty.

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                  Try Bees Cakes in Armonk. Yummy. Love La Tulipe (but they are pricey). Also like Pastry Corner but they are not worth nasty service - which I have been hearing a lot of lately.

              2. Dear Jesshow90,
                We are extremely sorry and disappointed to hear about the experience you had at our bakery. We have always tried to provide our customers with a not only a excellent product, but with great customer service. As we can see, on this and other occasions, we have fallen short of the mark. We are striving to make the neccessary changes so that your next experience with our staff will be a friendly and pleasant one.
                We invite you to please come back and give us the opportunity to provide you with an amazing cake.

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                  Bumping this up to see if there are any current comments re: Pastry Corner, La Tulipe, Riviera?
                  Need a bat mitzvah cake and am considering these three. We want a beautiful cake that tastes great and that doesn't cost as much as the actual party.

                  Also wondering about Lulu's. Reviews on this site are very mixed. All say very beautiful and expensive however half say delicious and seems the other half say the cakes look better than they taste. I am n Southern Westchester but will drive a reasonable distance or send someone to pick up if worth it.

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                    I am not a fan of Riviera and I have not been to Pastry Corner or La Tulipe. And I happen to like Lulu's cakes but in the last 2 years decided to go the cheaper route (i.e. Shop Rite!) for my kids' birthday parties.

                    I did, however, just get a cake for my son's birthday from ABC Cakes in Mamaroneck. It was not a super-fancy cake, but it did look great and the price was reasonable. And, it was delicious.

                    The owner is very nice and easy to work with. I am actually having my daughter's birthday party there. When I was there picking up my son's cake, she was working on a wedding cake that looked beautiful. Maybe it's worth checking out.

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                      Have you tried Home Style in Peekskill (they bake for many restaurants) or Jean-Jacques in Pleasantville?

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                        I agree that Homestyle does great cakes. Not as fancy as the others but also not nearly as expensive. I assume they can make something that looks really nice, probably not as extravagant as La Tulipe and the others in that price range.

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                          I had a really good experience with them when I ordered a cake for my son. Very delicious - not overly fancy - which is exactly what we wanted. Their Diamond Supreme (a lemon-filled white cake) was a hit.

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                            I've been very happy with the cheesecake and chocolate mousse cake when the food service place at work has ordered it from them. I think it's called Chocolate Temptation.

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                          Home Style sounds good but Peekskill is too far - my fault for not setting up some parameters with respect to distance. With 20 miles of the Sound Shore will work (I know that gets me to the city but don't really want to have to trek in there. Will check out Jean Jacques though.

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                          The cakes in Fleetwood bakery taste great. I know they have a book with pictures of wedding and other special cakes but I have never seen one in person. It might be worth exploring.

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                          I have not tried a cake from Iron Tomato but their black and white cupcake was slamming ( as per my husband) As a matter of fact I'm going there to pick up cupcakes for his bday this weekend. The baker is very nice and accessible. He said that their napoleon cake flies out the door. There is no comparison to buttercup, yuck, also in White Plains. Iron Tomato is just soooo much better. There were a couple of people ordering birthday cakes for children while I was in there ordering cupcakes earlier this week. Just be careful when ordering out of the case, I once had a refrigerator burn taste incident with an otherwise delicious pecan shortbread cookie.

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                            I have not had anything from the bakery but it smells amazing!

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                              I tried Iron Tomatoes chocolate mousse cake and wouldn't recommend it. It was overly sweet and the mousse was grainy. Tried a napoleon too, the icing on the napoleon was very sweet but the layers were crisp and filling was light and less sweet and had more of a whipped cream texture than a pastry cream texture,which I personally prefer as I don't like pastry cream. I suppose this might turn some off to it.

                          2. I know there is a bakery in Armonk, Bees Cakes (sp) which my MIL says is good but may be expensive. I personally like the cakes from Fleetwood Bakery on Gramatan Avenue in the Fleetwood section of Mount Vernon but have never special ordered a cake only bought ready made. http://www.westchestercakes.com/CakeS...

                            1. I have a feeling the bridal shower has come and gone! :)

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                                Yes, but on October 17th, there was an inquiry about a bat-mitzvah cake, which is why this thread was revived.

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                                  This is so hilarious. I was reading this post and then saw the OP was in March. I started to chuckle. That being said...amazed nobody mention La Renaissance in Scardale. Has made the most beautiful and delicious cakes and pastries for years. I've never had anything at any bakery that compares in regards to taste. Lulu's is beautiful, but not on par with LR

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                                    Well, it seems that laylag resurrected it for a current need.

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                                      Yes, I did - for a Bat Mitzvah cake I will be needing for Spring 2013.. Rather than start a new thread and have someone direct me to research the subject and kindly provide a link to this thread, that I'd already found, I thought it more prudent to revive this by asking everyone for an update on the places mentioned and to add any new.

                                      I guess there's no 'right' way to go about asking a question that's been asked before.

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                                        Sweet Lisa's in Cos Cob makes delicious cakes-- depending on where you are located

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                                          Somehow I missed the beginning of your continuation thread. I saw you mentioned Lulu's. I myself haven't tried it, but dealt with the people on a business level. Very nice. I went in and saw some absolutely beautiful cakes, but I've been told they are hit or miss on taste and being that this is a Bat Mitzvah and kids will be eating it to, you probably want to insure flavor. If you are in scarsdale, try La Renaissance. It's been open for a long time and there is a reason for it. One of the problems I find...and I've been guilty of it too, is that many people base bakeries on their pastries and cookies and haven't actually tasted the cakes and pies, which is a whole other ball game. LR in Scarsdale is amazing.

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                                            I will check out LR. Thanks jhopp. It's not far - actually can make my sister pick it up since she's in Scarsdale which is even better. The cake will be at the luncheon which is primarily for the grownups - family and close friends with only a few kids - so I want great looking and tasting both. LR may do the trick.

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                                              LR's signature cake is delicious!