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Mar 29, 2011 05:10 AM

Need to find a cake for sister's bridal shower

I Am trying to find a good place to buy my sisters cake. Have tried La Tulip in Mt. Kisco. Was very good but very expensive but the people there were really nice and very patient. Also tried Riviera in Ardsley and cake wasn't that great plus their staff was not very helpful. Someone told me about the Pastry Corner in Mt. Kisco and what great stuff they have. I called a week ago Monday and the woman on the phone was very helpful and patient but when I went in to order the cake the woman I spoke with was unfriendly and rude not the same woman I spoke to on the phone. She acted like she didn't have time for me and she didn't even want to sell me the cake. Ifelt very uncomfortable so I left and told her I would come back. So I am still cakeless with less than 2 weeks to go. Please help!

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  1. Try the new bakery, Chantilly, in Bronxville. Also Lulu's in Scarsdale.

    1. La Tulipe-you get what you pay for. For a special occasion, I don't bother going elsewhere. They never fail to create something that is impressive, both in appearance and in flavor.

      1. Pastry Corner does a wonderful job - sorry to hear the staff is rude. I've never had a problem. I have to say, while La Tulipe is expensive - I was there on Saturday and someone was picking up an ordered cake and it was beautiful. Their work is exquisite and for a special occassion - worth it if you can swing it.

        1. Homestyle in Peekskill bakes for restaurants and retail. Yum especially on their chocolate mousse cake and the whole sheet Napoleon.

          1. i too am disapponted to hear that pastry Corner wasn't helpful/friendly. i have been using them for years and have always had great service and great tasting and looking cakes.Lexington Square Cafe in mtKisco makes beautiful cakes. Bedford pastry is great in bedford shopping center, next to learning Express/A&P and also l'Anjou in Mtkisco is great not as expensive as la Tulipe but same great quality

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              I will second Lexington Square Cafe!!

              Lexington Square Cafe
              510 Lexington Avenue, Mount Kisco, NY 10549