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Mar 28, 2011 11:12 PM

Y de Galicia ¿que?

I'm planning a month-long driving tour, stopping in Segovia, Burgos, Bilbao, Santander, Oviedo, A Coruña, Pontevedra, Ourense, Leon, Salamanca and Avila, before heading back to Madrid. Although I have been to Spain a half dozen times in the last 15 years, restaurants rise and fall with enough regularity that it's best not to make assumptions. Your posts have been helpful in getting ideas for a number of these cities and my thanks go out to all of you, because you have made my planning so much easier. While any suggestions you make for restaurants in the mentioned cities are greatly appreciated, I would like to seek your guidance on the following: in Galicia, does any one town stand out as the culinary center of the region? If so, do you have special mentions? Quality is the sole criterion. Thanks again!

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  1. Gallego ideas....Ourense has a nice LITTLE tapa scene, Pulpo place there was great (el rey or something like that), the open air market in Santiago is greatas is th eSunday am market in Padron, pulpo and house wine for breakfast.......

    1. I spent three months in Galicia, mostly in the dismal city of Ferrol. That being said, I did travel quite a lot through the region. While not known for a culinary scene, I had some very good meals in Lugo (plus a great town to check out for its extant Roman walls). Santiago is probably the best for food and has numerous upscale restaurants. You'll want to go to Toni Vicente's restaurant which is right off Avenida de Xoan Carlos I. I think she may have opened another restaurant, Laurel, in the beach community of Sanxenxo near Pontevedra.

      I also ate very well in La Coruna. El Rey De Jamon on Calle (Rua) de La Franja is a sight to see. Reminscent of Museo de Jamon in Madrid, but ten times smaller. Make sure you try to eat some percebes when you're there. They're a bit pricey, I think 40 or 50 euros a kilo, but honestly 100g of the stuff will be sufficient. There are some great little fishing villages nestled in the rias (mini Spanish fjords) which have Mom and Pop restaurants serving extremely fresh seafood.

      Enjoy! Be careful not to overdose on Pulpo Gallego...

      1. FYI, I just got back from a mini-version of your trip and posted a report in a separate post.

        On your specific question, I think Santiago's size and depth would make it my choice over Ourense of the two Galician stops we made, but I think both merit a visit.

        Have a great trip.

        1. A Coruña - Restaurante Alborada. Nouveau Galician cuisine. Fine dining. Excelente

          Should you decide to go to Santiago..............................

          Santiago de Compostela - La Tacita d'Juan - Galician cuisine, excellent fish and meats in a business/casual setting. Reservations a must.

          Enjoy your trip.