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Mar 28, 2011 09:49 PM

pate a choux "puffs" savory filling ideas?

Just for kicks I decided to try pate a choux today for the first time for cream puffs. I've never even eaten a cream puff before today but I had some left over bavarian cream so I tried them out, and they were delicious, but they are very "neutral" so I figured I could use them as a savory shell too. I looked around on the web and I all I really found was chicken salad and tuna salad as stuffings for them which is okay, but kind of boring. Any advice/ideas for savory fillings or other uses for pate a choux (aside from eclairs and cream puffs.) Also, it seems like the ones I made were abnormally large, about the size of large orange if size makes a difference for what kind of fillings to use.

Thanks in advance :)

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  1. My favorite is to add cheese to the dough to make Gourgeres. Check out the possiblities.

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      Toasted walnuts or bacon added to the gougeres is really nice, too.

    2. I remember Giada doing a goat cheese and sundried tomato stuffing before. Probably can find the recipe on foodnetwork.com.

      1. .. Basil, rosemary, and goat cheese

        1. Really, any salad - crab salad is delicious in them. I keep thinking that because they're so big, it might be your best option - stuffed with cheese would be a whole lot of cheese. The suckers expand when cooking, don't they?

          I have, for fun, stuffed them with a chicken salad and then wrapped them in prosciutto and baked just until the prosciutto kind of melts around it. That classes it up a bit.

          They also freeze well. Maybe wait until you can get your hands on some wonderful tomatoes and stuff with those?

          1. - Salmon Mousse
            - Goat Cheese with Herbs (as already mentioned)
            - Cream Cheese with Herbs
            - Strawberries (Crushed, Pureed or simply stemmed) and (Whipped) Cream
            - Beet Puree with Sour Cream and Horseradish
            - Cucumber "Soup" (It should be quite thick. Basically, seeded Cucumbers, and peeled too if you like, with Strained Yogurt and Sour Cream and tons of sweet herbs like Tarragon, Marjoram, Chervil, Parsley, Cilantro, Mint and Thyme put in a blender and blended until smooth. If a little too soupy, simply strain in a cheesecloth. You can also add things like Cayenne and Paprika.)
            - Roasted Eggplant puree with Aioli/Mayo, or
            - Roasted Eggplant and Tomato Sauce puree with Aioli/Mayo

            - Also, you could fill it with a Thick Blue/Bleu Cheese dressing and coat with slightly crushed Walnuts, though, you might then need to eat it with a knife and fork. Or, a Blue Cheese Dressing with a roasted apple puree fortified with a little Walnut Oil.

            This is also from a user named Footie: "If I'm going to do savory, I might make a clam dip or shrimp and crabmeat and use that for a filling. Spinach and artichoke works well too. Pretty much any dip as long as it's not thin and runny"