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pork belly in nh?

Does anyone know where I can get pork belly in NH...want to make some bacon.

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  1. I would try Saigon Market on Maple Street in Manchester NH or if you're in southern NH, maybe H Mart in Burlington MA.

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      Saigon market definitely has it.

    2. I would check with a butcher shop to see if they can order it for you. I think it's hard to get from local farms bc theirs is usually already made into bacon. Last time I bought it was at Whole Foods, so if you end up going to MA you might find it there. I have also seen it at H Mart.

      1. Well, my last post got taken down even though i didn't actually plug any store in particular, but my point was you should be able to special order it through your local butcher shop. Expect to pay between $3-6/lb depending on quality.

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          It probably has to do with you having someone contact you about buying something from you. I actually wish something like that were possible on here. I mean, a food business has a lot to lose knowing that anyone from here trying their product is going to post a review right after whether the stuff is good or not!

          Anyway...I'm curious if it is possible at all to find fresh pork jowls (cheeks). We just got a smoker and it would be awesome to be able to make some bacon from that stuff! Has anyone heard of finding that anywhere?

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            Yeah, I guess my post could have been considered a plug, but if I had said I know a great place to get them and it's called "Insert name here", then it wouldn't be a problem? Nobody knows where anyone on here works so I suppose anyone could be plugging their own company....anywhoo...I am looking into pork jowl availability from a few sources in Boston and will post if they can be ordered directly from them.

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              You're absolutely right, if you went about it the right way you could be totally incognito about advertising your on place on here. That's why I would love to see some sort of outlet for that on here (i.e. separate industry forum) that way it would prevent people from doing it on the regular boards.

              Yeah, so back to the pork....please let us know about those jowls :)!!

        2. Where in new hamp?

          You can get it at saigon in Nashua
          Yipings in Lebanon
          Coop stores in Hanover

          1. Online at a place called Corbex Meat .. Wholesale prices

            1. I am pretty sure they sell it at Saigon Market in manchester. I have seen it on a meat label before and it made me laugh and think about the movie "Trading Places"

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                Ugh I should have read above, but it didn't load for some reason... sorry.

              2. If the OP is still looking, I've seen pork belly at Demoulas Market Basket in Concord NH. They might have it at other stores in the chain. The pork belly is slice in thick pieces but perhaps you could ask someone in the meat dept for a piece that hadn't been sliced yet.

                Market Basket
                RR 1, Rockland, ME 04841

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                  Yes, dfrostnh is correct, I've seen pork belly at the Market Basket in Somersworth, NH.

                  Market Basket
                  RR 1, Rockland, ME 04841

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                    Has anybody seen it on a restaurant menu lately?

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                      I had some at Pepperland in South Berwick, Maine, also at Black Trumpet in Portsmouth, NH. These were as specials, not on the regular menu.

                2. Merlion Asian Market in Nashua, NH sells pork bellies that you can use to make bacon. I bought some when I was making chinese Zongzi. The sell a whole piece of pork belly and they also sell sliced pork belly. I bought the whole piece and used it for my cooking. I think you could make your own bacon with the whole piece.

                  I forgot to add that the pork bellies were frozen. You can ask the owner to show you where they are located in the freezer.

                  Merlion has a website...


                  Good luck!

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                    just a clarifying note what was "Merlion Asian Market" became "Lanna Asian Market" and moved from its original location on Amherst street farther north on Amherst Street into the old Peters pharmacy location next to enterprises rent a car. The new owners had already greatly improved the store before the move, and since the expansion to the new location it has gotten even better with fuller and fresher stock.

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                      Yes - Lanna Asian Market is located further north on Amherst street and it's near the technical college and across the street from a 7 Eleven store.

                  2. I've actually bought it at Lo's Oriental & Seafood Market in Newington, NH

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                      How were the prices, and was it fresh?

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                        you can also get it at MacKinnons on rt 28 in Salem, its good, used some a few weeks back, I would sugest you call before, as they can and will get it

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                          Yes fresh but don't remember price.. Wasn't expensive. Give them a call and ask.

                      2. Made a great char siu pork belly last night--Lee Kum char siu sauce and pork belly from Saigon Market, marinated overnight with garlic, an hour in the oven at 375 till it got a nice char. Delicious!