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Mar 28, 2011 08:23 PM

Naked PIzza - coolidge corner

I love pizza and after trying Naked PIzza a few times....and a few different's safe to say I will never go back.
It tasted (to a both of us) just a hair better than frozen pizza. In fact, it tasted like frozen pizza.
The crust (both regular and thin) was boring with little flavor. The sauce tasted out of the can and the cheese was bland. The various toppings tried were tasteless or just plain bad (the sausage).
I really, really wanted to like this as I won't go to the nearby Upper Crust for a variety of reasons.
I guess I will have to drive up the road to Presto's or Pino's for pizza.
Naked Pizza....not for me.

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  1. Yes, I wasn't too thrilled with it either. For the cost of a small pizza with one topping, I can get a large at Pizzeria Dante that is of higher quality and better taste and doesn't require waiting with a ton of other people in a tiny storefront. (That Quizno's was pretty huge; I have no idea how they couldn't make a little more restaurant space.) It's nice if you're craving pizza but don't want to break the caloric bank for it, though I'm a little leery about it being as low cal and low sodium as they say.

    1. Hm. I've only been to Naked once, but I really liked it. The crust had a nice nutty flavor and the cheese tasted real. Taste-wise, I could see how it might not win best-pizza award, but there's a lot of value in a pizza that doesn't have a ton of preservatives and that isn't dripping with grease. I think it's a great pizza for what it is (meaning, the focus is on a healthier pizza).

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        What are these preservatives found in other pizzas?

        1. re: Luther

          Take a look at for an idea.
          Naked says "Our dough, sauce and cheese contain no additives, preservatives, colorants or weird chemicals of any kind." Vague, yes, but since that's the entire premise of their restaurant I'm inclined to believe it. At the least it's a step up, no?

          1. re: cristinh

            I'm seeing propionate in the dough and cheese, though that's about it. Not that I would use Domino's as a useful comparison for anything particularly tasty...

            1. re: Luther

              Well, Mangia actually uses whole wheat flour in their crust, and their ingredients are very fresh, so I feel good enough eating their pizza...It tastes great, too!

              655 Washington St, Canton, MA 02021

        2. re: cristinh

          Pizza is one of my favorite things, however when I eat it I am aware that it is definitely not healthy from a dietary perspective. Any pizza that masquerades as healthy is either full of it, and not very good. Having eaten Naked pizza once, I would park it in the not very good category. I've had tastier frozen pizza.

          They are rapidly expanding though, so people are apparently buying the marketing. It is nice to have the gluten free option for people who need that.

        3. i agree. blech. trader joes frozen pizza for 1/2 the price was twice as delicious.