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Mar 28, 2011 07:46 PM

Heading up I-75 to Danville; Where to Eat?

I'm driving with my son from Western NC to Danville KY to visit Centre College later this week. We've got to eat somewhere in the area, or along the way, and I don't want it to be a fast food chain outlet. Not looking for anything fancy or high priced. We like BBQ, catfish, real burgers... that kind of thing. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. On the main street in Danville is a good sandwhich and salad place. Can't remember the name. Also down across from the historic park on the main street is an old fashioned bakery with all sort of baked goods and sandwiches. If you are coming through Knoxville, I recommend Puleo's at either Strawberry Plains exit on I 40 or Merchant's Road exit on I 75N. Wide variety of Italian and southern. Yes, sounds odd but it's a really good place.

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      Was it The Hub with a bookstore on the backside?

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        Bluegrass Pizza & Sub is a fairly new restaurant - heard a lot of good things about their food. They are on Main Street downtown. There is also another new restaurant, 303 W which has been getting good reviews. Burke's Bakery - gotta' stop there - its a real doughnut. Might be worth a try.

      2. Thanks to those who have responded. We're leaving tomorrow evening, so if anyone else has a suggestion...

        1. The Tavern at Beaumont Inn is very good.

          The Hub on main street is a good coffee/ sandwich shop

          Beaumont Inn
          638 Beaumont Inn Dr, Harrodsburg, KY 40330

          1. If you haven't left yet, let me strongly recommend that you avoid I-75 north of Knoxville. There's road construction and there have been traffic jams over ten miles long. Instead take I-26 north from Asheville (Johnson City TN has Ridgewood BBQ nearby and it's a lovely new interstate); then come towards Knoxville on I-40
            and take 25E north to Cumberland Gap and thence into kentucky. You come out in Corbin KY, maybe three blocks from the original Kentucky Fried Chicken.

            There are also stops on the Chili Bun trail along this route as well as some landmarks from Tennessee' Moonshine trail.

            Hope this helps, as the I-75 construction is really bad and will continue to be bad for some time.

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              Hey Shallots

              We were planning a stop in London or somewhere like that the week before Easter and following on down through Chattanooga. So your advice is to reroute around that whole area??

              Is there any chili buns in the corridor between 75 and 65??

              Can you email me for further driving advice.


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                Hey Shallots

                We ended up at Weaver's in London and very much enjoyed it.