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Mar 28, 2011 07:39 PM

Barcelona Long Weekend

Arriving on a Friday around lunch and am staying in Eixample and want lunch in the area. I was thinking Taktika Berri or Tapac 24. I know they are different but any thoughts on which is better. Also for Sunday lunch I wanted to eat in Barceloneta. Would Kaiku or Can Mano be a better choice?

Itinerary thus far:

Fri lunch: Tapac24 or Taktika Berri
Fri dinner: Alkimia
Sat lunch: open, probably El Quim
Sat dinner: ?
Sun lunch: Kaiku or Can Mano
Sun dinner: Paco Meralgo

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Hi, just went to Barcelona. Loved Paco Meralgo. Tapac 24 was good.

    Sat lunch or dinner...May want to try Cal Pep for lunch, it looks like it's closed for dinner (There's always a line, so make sure to get there just before it opens.)

    Also, I really liked Lolita Taperia for Sat night.

    Also, if you have time, check out the coffee shop, Bubo and don't forget to get some fruit at Mercat de la Boqueria- the big market in the city near las ramblas.

    I wrote a blog post about the weekend with some light commentary on the food and sights here:

    1. Kaiku and Can Mano are two completely different experience. Kaiku is a very good seafood/arroz restaurant,. Can Mano is a hole in the wall with everyday stick to the rib cooking. Not much seafood or rice dishes.
      Saturday dinner: unless you already spent too much time in El Born or looking for a sit down restaurant, I would do a tapas/pintxos excursion there. Another fun area is Sarria, charming and lively at night. If you can be more specific on what type of eating you want to do for that evening, you'll get some appropriate feedback.

      1. Thanks for the input. Lolita Taperia is a good suggestion. I was thinking about Hisop or Gresca or Comerc24 for Saturday night. I have been to Cinc Sentis and Cal Pep and both were good but didn't blow my mind. A tapas/pintxos crawl in El Born could also work though I usually save those for Madrid. I might just go to Paco Meralgo twice. I absolutely love that place.

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          If you want another sit down modern Catalan restaurant for Saturday night, Hisop, Gresca and Comerc24 are all good. The ambience at Comerc24 is definitely more lively and fun than Cinc Sentits. Also the food is much more playful. It is easy to spend twice as much as Hisop and Gresca.

        2. Only familiar with Tapac 24 -- thought it was terrific. Inventive, atypical tapas (must try the McFoie & Bikini sandwiches). Not long on atmosphere, but great service and food more than make up for the setting.