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Mar 28, 2011 06:34 PM

North Haven-Wallingford-Meriden axis of eats

Any recommendations for a medium-priced joint for dinner?

Atmosphere is not an issue - good food is. Don't need a wine list either.

Ethnic is OK, chain/corporate feed troughs are a no-no.

Mexican is out (capsacin intolorant member of the party).

I'd love real Japanese but ...

So what's left? Italian, American, Chinese, French, German (yeah - New Britain is not too far away).

Thanks for your favorite haunt in advance.

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  1. I moved out of Wallingford several years ago, but at the time Michael's Trattoria was pretty good and from CH comments I guess it still is. Friends tell me that Fratelli's is another good Italian restaurant but I have not been there.

    Michael's Trattoria
    344 Center St, Wallingford, CT 06492

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      An overlooked town between north haven and wallingford is north branford. Doody's Totoket inn is an American "pub grub" establishment on Rte 80. The food is wonderful, but there are some quirks--service is not stupendous--we have complained about a particular waittress who thinks she's 'all that' and doesn't have to serve her customers--she'd rather talk to the next table over. Also, the hours on Sunday are not dependable. Events are often scheduled and they'll close the place to accomodate the event--very bad business policy. I will repeat though--food is good.

      Since you mentioned New Britain, you can't help but try one of the polish restaurants in the area. I can vouch for Staropolska--classic Polish fare, decent prices. Great soup!

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          I recently went to Michael's in Wallingford and the service was nice, the food was decent, but the choices at the bar were budweiseresque mainstream yucky & dayglo martinis and the place itself, once you looked below eye level, just filthy. The walls are GRIMEY man! And the restroom walls had splatters of brown flecks and it was not at all appetizing.

        2. Give this place a try....
          It may surprise you!

          1. I would second Michaels Trattoria, Bellinis 2 Broadway in North Haven good also

            1. I would highly recommend J. Christian's in Wallingford. Absolutely wonderful food, great service, and very reasonably priced. We came in from out of town and had one of our best meals there. We also had a good meal at Fratelli's, although not remotely in the same league as J. Christian's.

              1. If Cheshire isn't out of your way, Yellowfins Seafood grille is a great hidden place to eat and drink...reasonably priced, clean, and consistant food....Everybody's Plaza on Rte 10.