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Mar 28, 2011 06:31 PM

Talk to me about Bison...

So last week, I had the most delicious bison bolognese. Imagine my surprise when I learned that bison is low in fat, cholesterol and calories. My husband has a huge family history of heart disease so I am always looking for ways to eat healthier without sacrificing taste. As the warm weather approaches, we will start firing up the grill. Any special considerations I need to take when cooking bison burgers? Also, has anyone ever tried using ground bison in their meatballs? Thanks!

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  1. I've only used ground bison and have used it for burgers and meatballs, and I've made my own recipe of buffalo soup with noodles. It's a little drier than regular ground beef, so you can't overgrill it, but it's very tasty. My husband says he can taste the difference, but I think it subs very well for ground beef and is healthier for the reasons you stated.

    1. Yes, I've made bison meatballs many times, and had them well received. Bison is a little easier to overcook, but I'm lucky that my family are rare and medium rare meat eaters, so no problems there. My only other suggestion is to let steaks and burgers sit after cooking rather than serving them straight off the grill. The juices will redistribute and the meat will be tastier for it. Unfortunately, bison's gotten much more expensive this year as demand has increased while supply is pretty much the same, at least in the KC area. I used to find bison from 5.99/lb. but the cheapest I've seen it lately is $10.99/lb. and that's for ground meat. I'm seriously thinking of buying a deep freeze so we can buy a side at a time.

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        Wow! Did not realize it was that pricey! Oh well....guess you cannot put a price tag on good health.

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          Go to the BisonRidge website for a farm in Wisconsin that specializes in bison meat. I looked at it and if I correctly remember, the price of the meat includes shipping. There are other websites using the name BisonRidge, but they are in other states.

      2. For years I've substituted bison for recipes I formerlly cooked with beef such as meatloaf, Asian stir-fries, Indian koftas, burgers, etc. We like the flavor better than beef and love that it's low in fat, cholesterol and calories...

        1. A friend of a friend has a bison hobby farm and we have grilled filets and other cuts. I really liked it. My husband didn't think it was anything to write home about. I agree that it is drier than beef.

          1. Bison is terrific but varies in quality just like beef. We buy locally from Lindner Bison and LA and it is really superior. It is quite low in fat so the same rules apply. Don't cook to medium, cook more gently, not so hot sear. My husband sears on the stove then pops in the oven to finish a steak.