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Mar 28, 2011 06:23 PM

South Beach Deco Bars

Have been to South Beach many times and have many favorite places. Am going down though with friends who love Art Deco and want to show them some great old Deco places. We are drinkers who like retro cocktails and fun spaces. Any suggestions?

South Beach
777 Gulf Blvd, Boca Grande, FL 33921

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      Do a 90 minute Deco walking tour and have drinks at the Martini Bar at the Raleigh, at the Coral Bar at the Tides, and at the rooftop Spire Lounge.


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        Thanks for the suggestion of the Martini Bar at the Raleigh. It was closed the first night we went but we had a great time by the pool with a bartender named Nate who mixed up some incredible cocktails. Went back the next time to the Martini Bar where Bobby did the same. Excellent suggestion. We tried the Spire Lounge too but it was closed. Next trip! Thanks again. WE have been trying to make the cocktails we go at the Raleigh at home with little success, guess we'll have to go back there too!

      2. The bar at the National is cool and has a great Deco Bar. The Eden Roc bar is one of the coolest deco bars ive seen... the restoration on the rest of the hotel is sort of weird but they did a wonderful job on the bar. The Fountainbleu and Ritz South Beach are both Morris Lapidus buildings that have been beautifully restored (the fountaibleu will probably have a more happening bar... however, the ritz is right next to the national and you could easily pop into both places).

        South Beach Cafe
        121 5th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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          Thanks for these suggestions too. We loved the National and did wander through the Fountainbleu and had drinks at the Ritz. Had never been in any of these places before and had a great time. Thanks for taking the time to reply.