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Mar 28, 2011 05:47 PM

Chef Leaving Cavaillon

UT just posted this on Twitter.

Beach Chick's coupon must have been the final straw!

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  1. 'And at Cavaillon they want to come with a coupon.'
    The coupon was sponsored by his restaurant....if you don't want the customer to use a coupon, then you shouldn't offer them.

    It's too bad...he really is an exceptional chef and I only wish the best for he and his family.

    1. I wonder what this means about Luc's Bistro?

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      1. re: camilles

        I asked that question last night and was advised that there would be no changes at Luc's. Also, as usual, an excellent dinner. Short ribs for me, chicken fried steak for the wife.

        1. re: eatemup

          We were there last night, too. I may have actually overheard part of your conversation with Lam. :)

      2. oh this sucks! Whoever takes his place better keep up his excellent Sunday brunch!!

        1. Too bad, I've had some wonderful meals there and organized some nice wine dinners there. I wish Chef Phillipe only good things.

          But, don't complain about coupons, since you voluntarily chose to participate on I have used them, and they were always gratious about accepting them. I also have brought my wines quite often, but simply because I have better wines. And I've never complained about the corkage fee.

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          1. re: 4wino

            I wonder if I should feel guilty about using coups at privately owned places? Probably not though since they offer them and want to get repeat customers. At the same time, I do understand their desire to keep afloat. If I could, I'd much rather tip the chef than the waitstaff, but that's a whole other argument.

          2. Verpiand's sous chef is quite good on her own. If she stays it will still be a place worth going to. And hopefully she can add some (more) of her outstanding Spanish specialties.

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            1. re: mikec

              +1. Rocio is a talented cook in her own right. I would be interested in seeing where she lands locally if things don't work out under new management.