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Mar 28, 2011 05:27 PM

BBQ in Greensboro/Highpoint

I have searched but found no recent relevant posts.

I cannot venture further than Gso driving to Highpoint as time is very limited.

Love Lexington but time does not allow. I have seen country and stameys mentioned often.

Opinions on both as well as other lesser knows would be appreciated.

Dumpy holesinthe walls are fine as long as the BBQ is awesome.


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  1. Country Barbecue in High Point/Archdale is great, but Carter Bros is a favorite.. Great chopped sandwich and fantastic hotdog with red bbq slaw

    Country Barbecue
    4012 W Wendover Ave, Greensboro, NC 27407

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    1. re: starbright1924

      I have had Carter Brothers, not a huge fan.

    2. you may want to try clarks and or prissy pollys in kernersville, the time is probably 20 minutes from downtown about the same as high point I am not a big fan of wither but they have their proponents

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      1. re: quazi

        Thanks, but I need something on the way from the airport to Highpoint, sorry if I was not clear. Kernersville is out of the way, although those places look good!

        Any ideas ? Looks like Country is where I am going unless I hear something else...

      2. At Country BBQ order the sliced bbq and ask for the "Outside Brown". It has the crunchy, most flavorful parts.

        1. Unfortunately my mom told me tonight that Country had closed.... totally shocking to me. I have never had issues with Carter Bros, plus its maybe 10 min from the airport as you come in to HP.

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            You might want to double check. I drove past the one on Wendover 2 weeks ago and the parking lot was full, and I ate at the one off of Highway 68 last week.

          2. Stamey's is good, and has always been delicious to me.

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              I agree about Stamey's, and I'm a Lexington native. :)