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Mar 28, 2011 05:08 PM

Just One Saturday dinner...

What to do? I will be back in Paris first week of May but most of my time will be occupied with the Lebovitz gastronomy tour. The tour ends Saturday, May 7th and I will be on my own that night for dinner. I honestly don't know if I'll even be hungry but it feels like an opportunity wasted if I don't eat out!

I'm open to absolutely anything, low-end/high-end, etc. as long as they won't treat me too badly as a solo lady! Just looking for great great food, probably something that epitomizes Paris or French food as it will be my last dinner before heading home to LA. I haven't had too much time to think about it, but off the top of my head: L'ami Louis, Denise, George types or L'ambroisie, Le Cinq types? I don't know if these places are even open Saturdays. Advice please, oh wise fellow Chowhounds?

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  1. A favorite of mine that gets little mention on CH is Monsieur Lapin. It is a particularly great choice if you like rabbit as they do it 3 different ways, but they also have many other meat and fish options, and the food is all really good. The atmosphere is warm and charming, but sophisticated with nicely spaced tables, very comfortable, great service. Prices are moderate. It does not attract too many tourists as it somehow remains under the radar. Another place that is open on weekends is Le Petit Celadon. This is the slightly more casual weekend menu at Le Celadon, which has a Michelin star. The food is very good and the atmosphere posh. It's quite a deal at 55 euros with wine, water and coffee included.

    1. I went to Le Dome (Montparnasse) and had a very good, albeit somewhat pricey meal. The atmosphere is great and I think you would be fine alone there. There seems to be no prix fixe menu so everthing is a la carte and I would guess €100 for a meal with a couple of glasses of wine. Also, the menu is primarily seafood.

      1. L'Ambroisie is open on a Saturday and as you can only order a la carte, you would just be served what you're hungry for. That's a stunning place to go, if money is no object, and certainly very French/Parisian. There and elsewhere, as a solo lady, you'll probably be treated better than you would in a twosome! The kind of places where you sit at a bar -- Spring, l'Atelier de Joel Robuchon -- might also be pleasant for a solo diner but would be less "French".

        1. Save for Denise, the places you mention are open on saturdays. As is Chez l'Ami Jean, for instance. But for most of them, I wouldn't recommend going not hungry.

          In my opinion, fine dining in Paris is unlike anything anywhere else. I think l'Ambroisie is a great idea, if you like what it looks like. I would say, if you have one night and can afford it, it's one of the best bets.

          You can also try and find hounds with whom have dinner that night. I believe quite a few will be in town. And hopefully they won't treat you too badly as a solo lady ;-)

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            I was kind of leaning towards something like l'Ambroisie as it seems pretty sedate and I'm thinking I might want something like that by the end of the week(I know I won't have much opportunity for fine dining with the group!).

            I also really like your idea of looking for other hounds! I might have a few meals without the group spread out over that week, once I can confirm the exact nights, I'll definitely post and try to set something up!

            ETA: BTW, does anyone have any ideas what the menu might look like at l'Ambroisie in May? I wish I could've gone during the fall/winter for the truffles...

            1. re: baloney

              Yes, l'Ambroisie would be more sedate, almost meditative given the style of cooking. Not sure what's on the menu in May but there's a good compendium of dishes here:

          2. I might suggest Chez George or the Cafe Procope (with a little cachet of its own as one of the oldest eateries in Paris). If you like a mysterious Russian flair to your meal try the Le Daru in the old quartier Russe. (Lapin Agile - L'auberge Chez Richard)