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Mar 28, 2011 03:05 PM

Gautama - new Indian on Gerrard East

If you like Siddartha on the Little India strip you'll like Gautama - the menu is a carbon copy, right down to re-cycling the 3 reviews of Siddartha. Same decor slant, tablecloths and wine glasses. I don't hate Siddartha but I wasn't impressed too much by either the buffet or a la carte, so I'm reluctant to rush to Gautama. I wonder how they'll do in this second, and bigger location in the same neighbourhood - Siddartha doesn't exactly have line ups out the door. I believe the same people operate Nitya accross the street - most definitely the worst Indian buffet I have ever had the bad luck to sample.

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  1. Any other review of Gautama? I passed by yesterday as I was going to buy some Alphonso mangos and one of the emplyees came outside and asked us to try it since we were looking at the menu posted in the window. We already had dinner, but went in to look at the buffet. It looked good, I'll have to try it soon.

    The Alphonso mangos I bought were not as good as last year.