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Mar 28, 2011 02:52 PM

Long Weekend in Denver & Boulder

Flying into Denver on Friday AM and staying at the Hyatt Regency with 2 friends. This is my friends "bachelor party" as he is getting married in late April back here on the East Coast. We are straying away from the typical strip club bachelor party theme and surprising him with a trip to Denver. He is a BIG beer guy, including everything from Coors Light to Fat Tire. I'm looking for places to stop in for a beer, fun snacks, or for fun yet solid dinners. I am a wine buyer in Boston for a retail shop and my friend works for a catering compnay, so we are very much into food, wine, beer, and fun. I We plan on spending Friday and Sunday in Denver (going to opening day Rockies on Fri) and spending the majority of Saturday in Boulder (rental car for the weekend). I've been told by a few customers of mine that the Wynkoop brewing co and The Cherry Cricket are musts. Any other spots we should have on our radar for Denver or Boulder?

Cherry Cricket
2641 E 2nd Ave, Denver, CO 80206

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  1. What about a tour of the Coors brewery in Golden?

    1. The Falling Rock Tap House (in the same general Coors Field neighborhood) is a nationally recognized beer destination - amazing number of taps and a total beer geek atmosphere. Great Divide Brewing (one of the better Colorado breweries) also has a tap room (no food) in the same area. On the way to Boulder you could take a detour to the Oskar Blues restaurant/tap room in Longmont - good food and beer there also.

      Personally I would not consider the Wynkoop to be a must visit with other more interesting options nearby. Cherry Cricket is a long time favorite for burgers but nothing you won't find elsewhere.

      Cherry Cricket
      2641 E 2nd Ave, Denver, CO 80206

      Falling Rock Tap House
      1919 Blake St, Denver, CO 80202

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        Second the Great Divide rec. We are truly fortunate to be swimming in so much excellent Colorado beer, but Great Divide's beer is superlative. In particular, possibly my favorite beer on the planet is Great Divide Samurai
        The brewery bar is no frillls, no food, beer on tap.

        Falling Rock Tap House is within walking distance of Great DIvide. It has food. Not great food. The long list of beer on tap is great. . . but they do not have all varieties of Great Divide on tap. You could get a beer at Great Divide and then walk to Falling Rock Tap House for food and more beer.

        Wynkoop is also in the same neighborhood, Lodo (as is Coors Field). It is rightly popular, and was a vanguard of the "Lodo" neighborhood and Denver brewpubs in general, but IMHO not a must.

        My favorite Denver food experience is Japanese food at Domo in their garden, which is now open, weather permitting.

        1. re: eade

          Ditto the recommendation for Samurai. If you want to taste it in its rightful setting take a 15 minute walk from Lodo to Sushi Sasa on 15th Street and try it with some of their first rate sushi and sashimi.

          Sushi Sasa
          2401 15th Street, Suite 80, Denver, CO 80202

        2. Denver has some great new restaurants/bars with a pretty extensive beer roster. A couple to consider are Euclid Hall and HIghland Tap and Burger

          1. Boulder has some great options. Frasca is considered one of the best restaurants in the country, other "foodie" restaurants all in downtown Boulder would be Salt, the Kitchen, L'Atelier, Centro, Happy, Brasserie Ten-Ten. Good restaurants in Boulder but not downtown would be Arugula or Zolo Grill. Some of these do lunch and some do only dinner. Gourmet pizza spots would be Pizzeria de Lupo, Pizzeria Basta, Pizzeria Locale. Good fast-food burger joints (local chains) are Larkburger and Smashburger. Lucile's is downtown and great for breakfast and lunch (there's also one in Denver). This list is by no means comprehensive, check out this thread with -- perhaps -- other ideas:

            And here's a similar thread about Denver:

            I agree that the Wynkoop isn't a must see, it's a decent brewpub but there are many of those. And the Cherry Cricket is also an institution of sorts, but not truly special. Unless someone in your group feels these places are "must dos" 9as opposed to someone else's recommendation), neither is necessary, IMO.

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              And if your interests extend to craft cocktails the Happy Noodle House in Boulder referenced above has one of the best cocktail programs I've encountered outside of NYC.

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                True, and I mentioned them in my list of good restaurants (they go by just "Happy" now). And fancy cocktails have really seen an explosion here, from Happy to Oak at 14th (temporarily closed) to Salt to you name it. I recently had a cocktail at Radda that was made with fresh basil that was incredibly delicious. And oh, yeah, Radda should have been on my list of "non-downtown" restaurants.

            2. Great Recc's...thanks all. One more question..also have heard great things about The Avery Brewing Co. in Boulder and paying them a visit is worth it..any thoughts?

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                Avery makes some great beer, and their tap room is kinda cool. I don't think they serve food but there may be food available there. It's in kind of a warehouse area, a little hard to find. So it's not exactly a pretty setting, but if you like good beer I would say it's worth it.