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Mar 28, 2011 02:28 PM

2 restaurants in 2 days: the good and bad

My husband and I are in town from Hartford, CT to watch and root for the UConn women's basketball team.

Sunday night we tried an early dinner at Supper. The food was good, but not outstanding. The portions were ridiculously small for the price - and the bacon-centric taste of everything annoyed my tastebuds. Their music playlist, on the other hand, was outstanding. Go figure!

This afternoon I met an old friend at Branzino for lunch, and the food was so awful I can't find the words to describe its awfulness. It's been praised on Chowhound and Yelp...but I'm at a loss as to what anyone ate there that was palatable.

We're off to Tinto, now. I'm hoping the 3rd time's the charm.

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  1. Tinto will not be awful, that's for sure. If nothing else it is managed very well. What was so bad at Branzino?

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    1. re: barryg

      Branzino's food was tasteless and poorly prepared. I got some sort of veal (over-breaded and over-fried). The mozzarella salad was amateur - the tomato was ice cold and unripe and the cheese plastic-tasting.

      Tinto was delightful. The food was way, way too salt-saturated, though - which I mentioned to our friendly and helpful waiter. He said that Garces is a salter - and that returning diners often ask for less salty preparations. Since it was our first time there, I didn't realize this would be a problem (for me)...but I persevered and ate our 9 different delicious (but over salty) tapas, then licked my fingers (and plate) clean.

      1. re: food maven

        A comment on the tomato salad... this is a criticism of a the restaurant not the OP. Why would a restaurant serve such a dish in winter. It requires dead ripe tomatos. The dish will never be successful if you do not use good tomatos, something that does not exist at this time of year. As for the veal dish.. there is no excuse for that.

        1. re: cwdonald

          I agree with you, cwdonald - and I also think we should've been smarter and not ordered anything with "fresh" tomatoes. Our bad, eh?

          1. re: food maven

            Yea but as cwdonald said it is irresponsible for a good chef to have a dish they can't prepare correctly on the menu, even if it is popular. And still no excuse for low quality mozz.