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Mar 28, 2011 01:57 PM

cocktail/martini glass dessert ideas?

What desserts would look great served in cocktail glasses? Also, what size should I get? 1 oz? 5 oz?

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  1. Anything creamy/moussey looks great in a martini glass. I've done chocolate mousse that way, cheesecake mousse, etc. Zabaglione with fresh berries would be beautiful. Any type of ice cream or sorbet, too.

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        That sounds dramatic! I will have to remember that.

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          If you're ambitious, do a two layer presentation with chocolate mousse (on the bitter side) on the bottom and blood orange on the top. Whipped cream rosette and sprinkle with crumbs of candied orange peel & small chocolate curls.

      2. I love berries in a beautifully shaped large wine glass. I've been served berries in nice restaurants this way before. Blackberries, strawberries, blueberries all whole of course, with Grand Marnier, and dollop of whipped cream/ sometimes a little bit of lime or lemon peel sqiggleys on top. If the berries are in season, this is absolutley my favorite dessert.
        Large red wine glasses, I bought some beautiful ones at Costco for a decent price.

        Small individual trifles and the glasses to put these in, there' s a ton to chose from.

        1. A southern Italian standby is sliced ripe peaches in red wine.

          1. Tiramisu works well in a wine or martini glass also. I'd go for a normal size martini or wine glass. You didn't really mean 1oz, right? That's smaller than a shot glass.

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              I recently made a berry tiramisu that would present nicely in a stemmed glass. I used clear footed dessert dishes (like mini trifle bowls) and it was pretty in them.