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Mar 28, 2011 01:34 PM

Glass jars - fess up!

My name is Erica and I am a glass jar hoarder. Though I recycle committedly, I have a hard time parting with most glass jars, especially even, cylindrical ones without shoulders, and square-sided ones, which maximize storage space. Though I am the proud owner of a cheap plastic "mayoknife", I still hate jars which fight my attempts to get every last bit out without smearing my hands.

I live in fear that current glass jar items will be switched to plastic next time I buy them. Though I don't even keep berries in glass jars (I find paper towels and Rubbermaid preserve them for over a week), I transfer cereals, coffee, beans, flours, nuts, and dried fruit to glass jars as soon as I open them, and often freeze foods in glass. I still mourn the last of the straight-sided, metal-lidded large (2qt?) mayo jars, whose bottom cracked off after decades of use in the freezer.

I confess that when shopping in Costco, I will buy items I don't really need if they are in nice jars, as long as I can figure out some way to use the contents. Recently it was Costco's "canned" peaches, which came in a 4-pack of quart mason jars with measurement markings on the side.
I prefer my homemade bean salad, but have bought the huge glass jar on several occasions.

Anything you want to get off YOUR chest?

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  1. Same thing. Husband used to question the jars in the dishwasher - he's used to it now. And I will buy something I may not need if the jar and the packaging is 'cute" enough (just bought a lovely jar of vanilla extract with vanilla bean in Mexico). I use the jars, too, like you do and for my own mixtures of seasonings and pickled peppers and etc. I just love me a jar!

    1. snifter glasses from beer festivals and spirit tastings. I quite literally have boxes and boxes of them. I honestly have a use for a couple dozen of them(I regularly have tastings for new products, comparisons, etc....), but why I can't seem to through out the other 100 or so, I will never know.

      feel a little better now. thanks.

      1. After seeing how much plastic I was tossing out on a regular basis, I go for glass every time I can find it, and I save and re-use unless it's really not a useful size, then I recycle. I much prefer anything in glass anyway, and I hate it when I see old favorites show up more and more in plastic packaging.

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        1. Somewhat ditto. I save glass jars if they are functional (eg. mason style with rubber seal, or square) or "cute", and I have at least 3 of the exact same shape and color (including cap color). Singles and duos only get saved if they are especially "cute".

          1. My dream is to have everything in my kitchen stored in glass jars. I get all fluttery thinking about it.

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              My dream is to have everything in my kitchen stored in glass jars. I get all fluttery thinking about it.............................*)))

              here's where to find more......



              oh my...........

              1. re: iL Divo

                "My dream is to have everything in my kitchen stored in glass jars. I get all fluttery thinking about it.............................*)))"

                Me too- especially after throwing away half of what was in the biggest storage cupboard i have due to flour moths, or whatever they're called. I suspect the buggers are still living inside the wood shelving.

                  1. re: iL Divo

                    Yes it is- but at least the food is protected.

                1. re: iL Divo

                  looking in pantry for what future fun finds will be that I can use then plop in dishwasher are
                  anchovy jars
                  pimiento jars
                  Heinz ^^^^mayo/mustard/ ketchup jars
                  garlic jars
                  puréed ginger jars
                  fancy mushroom jars