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Mar 28, 2011 12:43 PM

Cheese Plate...where's the love?

Love Love Love me a good cheese plate..
Why aren't there more of these delicate morsels of aged beauties on every menu..
Why are they at the bottom of the menu, instead up top, where the app's are?
Where's your fave's in SD?

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  1. Easy! Great folks, used to have a retail shop on University in Hillcrest, now at Farmers Markets near you!

    Say hi to Mary, tell her Fake Name says hello.

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    1. re: Fake Name

      Ditto - a second for Taste Cheese.

      (...and tell Mary cgfan says hi!)

    2. Hey BC, one reason that you may find cheese selections at the bottom of the menu, is that, like in Europe, cheese courses are a part of dessert with maybe some fruit, nuts, cookies and, of course, wine.! Linkery has some nice selections.

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      1. re: cstr

        Yes! I love cheese for dessert. Had a very tasty plate for dessert at Tom Ham's Lighthouse at a Restaurant Week preview dinner. Way too much cheese for one girl to eat after a whole dinner, but it was good.

      2. Cheese plates probably aren't nearly as profitable as truffle fries and flat breads, and I learned in Restaurants for Dummies that you put the easy money stuff at the top of the menu.

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        1. re: MrKrispy

          Agree about the profitability however, usually when I order a cheese plate assortment, I'm good for an additional bottle of wine.

          1. re: ferret

            You're right. $23.50 for a cheese plate with 6 cheeses wouldn't fly in San Diego, heck it wouldn't even make it to the taxiway at that price point

            1. re: DiningDiva

              I like my cheese wth whine -- Two Buck Chuck. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

              1. re: Gypsy Jan

                Actually, I think cheese is better with beer, or sparkling wine. The carbonation keeps everything in motion.
                Although, Two Buck Chuck DOES make me whine.

                1. re: Tripeler

                  I call 2 buck chuck my 'war wine'...only in a disaster or acts of war, will I drink it..need something to party with when the world is ending...gotta get some cheese to go with that..
                  ; )

                      1. re: Beach Chick

                        If you like veined cheeses, they pair well with the bubbly.

                        1. re: cstr

                          perfect dinner for me is a bottle of Veuve and chunk of aged bleu..

                          1. re: Beach Chick

                            "perfect dinner for me is a bottle of Veuve and chunk of aged bleu.."

                            And doubtless a big 'ol slab of tofu.

                            1. re: Fake Name

                              No tofu...really don't like the stuff unless its all gussied up with spices, fried and done in a stir fry with lots of veggies and brown rice..

                              ; )

            2. re: ferret

              Ooh, I used to love Bin 36 when we lived in Chicago... actually I guess I still do! Their cheeses are very well kept indeed.

              1. re: ferret

                love bin 36! san diego is definitely missing this type of place

              2. No need to limit yourself to just one plate when you can have the whole cheese bar at Bice downtown: Certainly for a regionally specific offering, among the best cheese selctions I've had here or elsewhere in the U.S.