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Mar 28, 2011 12:30 PM

Help: How to tip full service caterers?

I need help figuring out tipping amounts for a full service catered event.
Staff: 1 catering manager, 1 captain, 2 servers, 1 bartender
Staff will be arriving early to set up event site, working, and cleaning up aftewards.
Time span: Approx 7 hours.

Cost break down
Food total: $1,888.00
Beverage: $2,835.84
Rentals & Labor Fees: $1,943.00
(Labor fees: Bartender $290, Captain $337, Servers $236 each)
Total Bill: $7,075.71

How much do I tip the staff (percentage of the bill or a specific sum: $100 per person)? Does the catering manger get a tip aswell if they are staying for the whole event?

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