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Jan 17, 2006 01:37 AM

Cincinnati Style Hot Dogs

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I've checked the Hot Dog Spot, I've done enough google searches to google the mind. I can't find one place in the LA area that has Cincinnati style hot dogs or Cincinnati chili.

I could go for a three way right now. No get you minds out of the gutter, a three way is spaghetti topped with Cincinnati chili and grated cheddar cheese.

But is there anywhere in LA that has Cincinnati style hot dogs!!! A regular chili dog, even from a place like The Wiener Factory (which has the best hot dogs in LA) doesn't come close.

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  1. If you are looking for great chili you might want to make a visit to Chili My Soul in Encino, (see link below to their web site). Maybe if you describe what makes a Cincinnati hot dog unique it would help in seeing if anyone has an idea for where you might find such a creature.

    Link: http://www.chilimysoul.com/indexregul...

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      I haven't found Cincinnati-style coneys anywhere out here, but have found one place that does Cincinnati chili: Red Rock Chili Co. Their 3-way isn't on the level of a place like Skyline, but it'll do when you don't have any other options.

      I've only been to their Newport Beach location, but per their website, they've also got stores in Cerritos, Arcadia, and Century City with a number of others slated to open this year.

      Link: http://www.redrockchili.com/

      1. re: Mbuzi

        Thanks for the info, I'll have to try Rock Chili Co. Guess I could get the chili to go and grill up some hot dogs at home and come close to a coney.

        1. re: David

          Red Rock does have a hot dog on the menu, which you can get smothered in the chili of your choice. A couple of weeks ago, desperate for something quick to eat at the always-mobbed Century City Food Court, I tried this chili dog, with their so-called Cincinnati chili.

          It's served as a big glop of the chili completely inundating the dog and bun, so you have to eat it with a knife and fork. The taste was reminiscent of an ordinary chili dog like those I used to eat as a kid in Oklahoma (where many of the hot dog stands were opened by Greeks from Cincinnati), so I guess that qualifies as sort of semi-authentic--but not especially great. You can taste the cloves and cinnamon promised on the menu, but not in any intense or inspiring combination. And IIRC it was somewhere north of five bucks for this chili dog--but then everything at CC is too expensive.

    2. i know from cincy chili, and it simply does not exist in that form anywhere else!!! (chocolate is the missing ingredient, believe it or not) the entire concept seems to be lost elsewhere in the world, but then those poor souls that remain in the grips of cincinnati need some sort of relief!

      1. Isn't Chili John's in Burbank supposed to be Cincy-style?

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        1. re: martyR

          I went to Chili's John yesterday. They do have three ways and four ways but the chili is spicier than Cincinnati chili. But the chili and chili dogs are very good. The owner is very nice and service was super.

          1. re: David

            I keep trying to go there, but they are always closed -even when it is in between the times they advertise they are open... arrggg!

            1. re: WildSwede
              Steve Doggie-Dogg

              Try Larry's Dogs instead, Swede. I'll go there with you sometime if you'd like.

              See ya

              Link: http://www.swingingdoor.com/

              1. re: Steve Doggie-Dogg

                Yes! Let's go!! Thanks! ;-)

          2. re: martyR

            Ya, that's what I heard too, that it's Cincinatti style (hence the spaghetti and beans and "straight" options.)

            I wonder if the chili in Cincinatti is also swimming in massive pools of grease. Really want to love Chili John's, and do love the U-shaped counter, but the grease is a deal-killer for me.

            I was at Phillipe's last night and I think their chili may be Cincinatti style. You could get it straight or with beans. It was quite good and not greasy at all.

            1. re: Scooty

              >>>I wonder if the chili in Cincinatti is also swimming in massive pools of grease. Really want to love Chili John's, and do love the U-shaped counter, but the grease is a deal-killer for me.

              Yeah. I never understood why alot of places never skim the lake of grease off the top of the chili pot???

            2. re: martyR
              Steve Doggie-Dogg

              I work a half block from Chili Johns, but you couldn't pay me to eat there. I like the atmosphere, but the chili and hot dogs are truly abominable. I'll eat a 7-11 dog first.

              See ya

              Link: http://www.swingingdoor.com/