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Happy Hour in London

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Will be in London for an 8 night vacation from April 9-17, and must try to keep myself on a bit of a budget (damn you, US$). Anyone out there have some good recomendations for good bars/pubs that run Happy Hour specials? I'll be staying near Queensway, but will be out and about town, so anything really within Zones 1 and 2 works. Thanks again to all the CHounders out there that hooked me up with great cheese advice on my previous post! -Prizat

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  1. Happy hours aren't really as widespread in London as you might expect. If it's cheap booze you're after, head to Sam Smiths pubs (all over the place - http://www.samsmithschallenge.co.uk/m..., or there's even an iPhone app if you've got one). They're mostly characterful places with a good mix of people. A pint of alpine lager will set you back a little over £2, as opposed to £3.50+ in most pubs/bars around london. Much better than wetherspoons (another cheap pub chain, but generally a good deal more grotty and airport lounge-esque).