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Mar 28, 2011 11:46 AM

D Magazine 52 things to do as a Dallasite

As foodies I didn't know if any of you saw D Magazine 52 things every Dallassite should do. It was on their Frontburner blog. Regardless, about 15 or so of them had to do with food around town. Some of the ones I remember off hand were...

- Get a frozen margarita at Mariano's
- Get a cinnamon roll at Mecca
- Get chili at Tolbert's
- Get Al Biernat to remember your name
- Get a steak at Dunston's
- Get chicken fried steak at Babe's
- Get Fuel City Tacos
- Get a sandwich at Jimmy's Food Store
- Hang out and people watch at Primo's
- Go to Louie's and forget they only accept AMEX
- Meet Dean Fearing

There were a few other food or restaurant related ones but I can't remember them. There were also some pretty funny non-food related ones like "Get a fake boobs", "Get lost in the downtown Dallas tunnels", and "Get pulled over in Highland Park"

I have been to most of the food places, but I have never been to Mecca so I am going to have to try them out.

I was curious as to what other chowhounders thought of the list?

Jimmy's Food Store
4901 Bryan St, Dallas, TX

423 S Main St, Grapevine, TX 76051

Al Biernats
4217 Oak Lawn, Dallas, TX 75219

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  1. Ive had a margarita at Marianos, but not frozen.
    Been to Mecca.
    Never been to Tolbert's.
    Don't think Al Biernat knows my name.
    Left Dunston's many times smelling of wood.
    Eaten the CFS at Babe's.
    Was at Fuel City on Saturday.
    Eaten a few sandwiches at Jimmy's.
    Never hung out at Primo's to people watch, but have at Bread Winners.
    Never been to Louie's.
    Never met Dean Fearing, but do I get half credit for meeting Stephen Pyles?

    423 S Main St, Grapevine, TX 76051

    Al Biernats
    4217 Oak Lawn, Dallas, TX 75219

    1. Never had a frozen Margarita at Mariano's
      Had the cinnamon roll at Mecca and it wasn't my favorite but it has been some years
      Guess I missed something at Tolberts b/c the chili wasn't what I had expected.
      Don't think I need to go to Al Biernat's
      Had many a steak at Dunston's
      Had the CFS at Babe's even before it was popular
      Had the tacos at Fuel City over the years they have gotten progressively worse. The picadillo used to be really awesome.
      Have sampled every sandwich at Jimmy's and I believe the best one is still the meatball. I think the meatball subs were a bit better when the mother was still making them. The cuban isn't bad either.
      Have done the Primo's thing and I guess that is fun food is terrible though!
      No need to drive down to Louie's for subpar pizza and bad attitude.
      I am sure I have met Dean Fearing and David Uygar and Stephen Pyles, etc etc....and?

      423 S Main St, Grapevine, TX 76051

      Al Biernats
      4217 Oak Lawn, Dallas, TX 75219

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      1. re: LewisvilleHounder

        I am not a frozen marg kinda guy, but I would try one out of the original machine at the Smithsonian, the rest of the list is a good start for newcomers. And yes Tolberts is only Tolberts by name. The chili confounds me.

        1. re: DallasDude

          Tolberts ... an excellent way to put it. I can only assume the reputation pre-dates Texans getting tastebuds.

      2. The other food related ones that I forgot that are on the list are ...

        - Get the Bob Armstrong dip at Mattitos.
        - Eat a Neiman Marcus popover (which I guess is at the Zodiac room and I think more of an excuse to mention Neiman Marcus than anything)
        - Spot Troy Aikman at Mi Cocina
        - Order ketchup at the Stoneleigh P
        - Visit the R-rated bathroom at the Angry Dog
        - Eat frozen grapes by the pool at the Joule
        - Eat the lobsters shooters at Abacus

        Some of them are more the place than really the food, but it is still a fun / funny list.

        Angry Dog
        2726 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226

        Stoneleigh P Restaurant
        2926 Maple Ave, Dallas, TX 75201

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        1. re: taldeac

          I had two of these recently and I still really want to go to Mecca because I have asked around and people speak highly of it. The two I tried recently were the Mattitos and Tolberts.

          The Bob Armstrong dip at Mattitos is very addicting. I don't know the back story because I think I used to think it originally came from matt's El Rancho in Lakewood. Regardless of who was the original, tortilla chips and queso mixed with ground beef and sour cream is about as good as you can get for me. Once I start eating that stuff, I can't stop and there really isn't much need to order an entree. I should just get an order of Bob Armstrong and a margarita and be good with that.

          At Tolberts, I got their "North of the Border" chili which means it has pinto beans. I also ordered it "5 alarm" or their version of very spicy. It was crazy spicy. I order everything spicy and the only thing I can compare the spice to is a pasta diabolo that they used to (and maybe still do) serve with milk at St Pete's in deep ellum. The chili was good with good flavor, but I walked away feeling like a wimp because from wasabi to buffalo sauce to all sorts of peppers, I am normally fine but with a full dose of their 5 alarm sauce added, I was breathing fire, (and drinking as much cold beer as I could get)

          423 S Main St, Grapevine, TX 76051

          1. re: taldeac

            Matt's and Mattito's used to have the same owner (i.e., Matt).

            1. re: foiegras

              This is a fun list. I did read the other day that they had to do a partial retraction because the picture they used for the Bob Armstrong dip for the article or the website was actually taken at Matt's and not Mattitos. Regardless, both are good.

              1. re: foodiedfw

                Bob Armstrong dip originated in Austin. At the original Matt's El Rancho.

                Not many appetizers come with their own origin myth, but the Bob Armstrong Dip has actual folklore to back up its "I can't stop eating this!" taste. Former Texas Land Commissioner Bob Armstrong frequented Matt's El Rancho in Austin, and one day wanted something different--something off the menu.

                Legendary restaurateur Matt Martinez supposedly heeded the call by grabbing whatever he could get his hands on: taco meat, guacamole, sour cream and queso, and layering them in a single dish. The result not only took the state capital by storm but crossed several county lines, successfully landing on the Dallas menu of Matt's Rancho Martinez in Lakewood. The killer queso is just the right texture, just the right taste, and just the right weight for Matt's killer chips, which can hold the Bob dip without breaking. Commence dipping on Matt's amazing patio, beverage up with a Mango Rita, then sit back and celebrate Texas in all its diversity.

                Matt's Rancho Martinez
                6332 La Vista Dr, Dallas, TX 75214