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Mar 28, 2011 11:34 AM

Where are your favourite places to eat these days in London? Will already be @ Borough Market.

We will be in London in June for a week and will be looking for a number of interesting places to eat? I imagine we will be @ Borough Market a fair amount. Open to all suggestions: casual, markets, wine bars, breakfasts, pubs, etc.

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  1. There is an excellent pub on the premises of the Market called The Rake. They allow you to bring food from the Market in to consume. There are so many fantastic choices for prepared food...and you get to sit in the pub and drink from their FANTASTIC selection of beers. We were there last in the winter, but hardy souls were still sitting on the outdoor patio. The inside is typical modern pub...but on the small side. I can't imagine a better way to enjoy a summer luncheon than to choose from all the food available at the Market and enjoy it on their lovely patio with a few beers.

    1. Borough Market is only open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and in June, forget going on a Saturday. It is packed like a tin of sardines and really unpleasant. If you go Thursday or Friday, go early.
      That said, if you're based in that area, you've got lots of great choices for places to eat. On Bermondsey Street, there's a lovely Italian restaurant called Zucca - good food and reasonable prices. On Tooley Street, try Magdalen - very intriguing ingredient combinations and an interesting wine list. On Tower Bridge Road, the Draft House Pub has a great selection of beers and good food. And, of course, you can always grab the 47 or 48 bus from London Bridge to Liverpool Street Station, cross over to Commercial Street, and there you are at St John Bread and Wine.
      Also on Bermondsey Street, the coffee and char siu bao at Caphe House are really good (the pho and banh mi are...okay). Alfie's fish and chips on Bermondsey Square is really tasty (and they use beef dripping!) but you have to eat outside or take it back to your hotel.
      At Borough itself, you must have a cheese toastie or a raclette at Kappacasein and you must have an egg, bacon, and squeak sandwich at Marie's Cafe.

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        Thanks for the Alfie's tip, will have to check them out as I'm in that area a lot. Have you been to the Saturday "stalls" around Maltby Street, and if so, how do you like them?

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          I do like them, but I live in the neighborhood and it's a good place to do the weekly market shop. Winners other than the obvious St. John and Neal's Yard include the truly excellent veg stall and the nice lady who sells lamb outside the Polish food stall. She lets us have offal for ridiculously cheap prices.

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            I look forward to trying a number of these great recommends .... thanks for taking the time to respond.

      2. Brixton Village. Many places to try. There is a separate thread on this.

        1. what time is borough market open each day?

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            Check out the website for the hours and also a map of the different stalls.


            I've often gotten there on a Friday morning at 11 and most things are already up and running, plus the huge crowds have not yet arrived. They say the opening is noon but that's bogus. :-)

          2. i suggest you head up to broadway market for your saturday market fix. get off the tube at angel, pop into paul young for some posh chocs then walk along the canal to the market - get a coffee at the vietnamese coffee stall and try some of the fresh food that is on sale (i esp like the falafel with pickles), pick up some wonderful polish dried sausage and see what else catches your eye. a nice way "home" is to head to colombia road (no stalls but some shops are open) and then head down to old street and pick up some vietnamese food on kingsland road (do a search for recs).

            obviously you should only do this if the weather is decent and you're happy walking quite long distances :)